Evaluation Camp

Uhm .. Why is the dude in the picture on the front page at the evaluation camp doing single plates? 90% of all kids playing highschool ball could easily press 1 plate ... even if this is an endurance test - its hardly a test of physical strength when dealing with such a small weight ... ?

Does anyone know what the regiment is that they are put through?


Probly just warming up or something.

I am guessing they are doing it endurance style. Amd ya for them that should be a bit small. If u are playing uni ball you would be in the weight room and would be doing more then 135 lbs in your sets, let alone for getting max.

Yeah that does look pretty easy. Having went through an american college football combine i had to rep 185 as many times as possible, i got it 27 times. I'am honestly think of trying out for the CFL, what do i have to lose. I can long snap thats a talent that many people don't have. I know a player that made it to a big time college being a long snapper, and he even played for the Argos.

The CFL has the same combine tests as the NFL. They aren't looking for the weakest people to draft, if you notice there are extra weights next to the bench...

How old are you? Do you still play?

I'am 23 and i still play semipro. I actually have played against some ex-NFL, arena, NFL Europe, and NCAA d1A players. I'am going to play one more year in the semipro leagues and then i'am going to take a shot @arena football, and maybe CFL. I think i would tryout for the CFL just to do it, odds are i will still have to pay admission to Molson Stadium :lol: but i think i could hold my own. I have nothing to lose, but pride. I'am just working on getting my combine numbers down, one of my college teammates, who i use to work out with made the Cincinatti Bengals because they saw how strong and fast he was, he actually got a 2 year contract.

......go for it Pete, good luck, let us know who you really are if you make it!.....

You would lose absolutely no pride in not making it. Trying would get you further than any of us.

I’m all behind you.

......further than all 'cept for Kanga, who has made himself a player on his version of the Blue Bombers in his Madden '06 game....apparently he is up for MVP.....in his game......

I would have better odds if i was canadian, i don't think i have the talent to be used as an import. Thanks Red and White, but all i'am doing this for is just to say i gave it a shot. My girlfriends cousin had an offer to play QB about 3 years ago for the BC Lions, he turned it down, and he just moved to BC. They were going to give him a shot at backing up Giovanni Carmazzi. He broke records with arena football for passing, but i think he lost his desire to play. I'am working on putting together a tape to send to teams of my games, and also my workouts.

REd and white i think Kanga got the best idea just form a team on Madden and live in a fantasy world. There nothing wrong with that. Did i tell you in NCAA 2006 i won the Heisman. :lol:

Did you see that only $80 to tryout. My target is May 6th 2007.

Giovanni Carmazzi he had a brief stop here in Calgary as well! Why did he give it up? There is a need for QB’s in a certain city to the east of us and he is better then the three they have.

Pete, what college did you play for?

I played at UMass Lowell which is NCAA division 2, but the athletic director finally got his wish and folded the program. It was in my home city and it is one of the better Criminal Justice universities. I had a feeling someday that they would fold the program, but they just built a brand new football stadium, and the coach used one of his 6 education waivers on me, my high school resume wasn't going to get me into many schools. They don't offer scholarship money Northeast 10 conference rules, but the coach played with my financial aid package so i got free books, and actually i received afor $3000 after each semester.

I had a few d1AA offers for Univ. of Albany, and i could have walked on @ UMass Amherst which is also D1AA after they cut the program which is usually one of the best D1AA football programs in the country. One of my teammates made it to the NFL, and he would have never got there if he stayed at UMass Lowell, so he's the only one who benefitted from the team folding. I declined, i like UMass Lowell too much. Thats when i joined semipro football league and have played that for 4 years. Oh by the way i play on the defensive line, and sometimes offensive guard, but my college position was fullback.

yes, I am the Master!!!

good luck Peter, hope you make it and get signed by the Als.