Evaluation camp

What is the talk about evaluation camp? I know the test results (because I can read and click links here as good as the next person) but are there folks who impressed and others who have disappointed? What are the local newspapers saying around the league if anything?

Wasn't very well covered by the media that I could find. The best coverage seemed to be on Ticats.ca.
That hot bed for CFL news Regina's Leader-Post didn't even cover it. :o

Gigeure, Barker and St.Pierre seem to have really stood out. Plus there are a half dozen or so who didn't attend and are hoping for a NFL shot, to add to the mix. This is supposed to be one of the deepest drafts in a long time, so expect to see every team coming away with a very good player.

Too bad for anyone who loses picks (if that happens) because of SMS penalties. They will be kicking themselves for sure.

Check out the university newspapers.

Here is one

University of Calgary Gauntlet

Double threat rocks CIS this season

Mark Dewit does awesome double-duty
on Dinos football and wrestling

Jon Roe
Features Editor

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At the Evaluation Camp

he got a formal interview with the Montreal Alouettes
and several informal interviews with other teams.

His Coach Blake Nill feels that Dewit
has a good chance at achieving his dream.

"It gets down to the fact that
this kid does what it takes,"

"He's not afraid of hard work.

...there's no question that he's going to have
as great an opportunity as there is
to play at the next level."

if any team is looking for a good defensive end the name justin cooper from the bisons come into mind. he is well built for the job hs been a CIS allstar the past 2 seasons, and has been winning awards in the CIS and the CJFL before the bisons for his work on the line. I was watching him during the post season on the bisons victory run and he was beating double teams on a constant basis. this guy will be an big name in a few short years.

I may be mistaken but I think he's going on 26 already, while not old to be playing in the CFL it's getting up there to be still in the CIS.

yes that i fully agree with, he tried out with the stamps the past 3 seasons. he is a good buddy of mine, i worked security with and is a very good defensive lineman probably the best the bisons had last season.