Evaluating the Changes this Week!

As anticipated we all knew changes were in store after the LIONS were humiliated in Edmonton and looked like they were ill prepared with schemes and overall game management.

I will give Wally credit for at least making changes. Some coaches refuse to make any changes--
Now the question is WHO is the real problem with the LIONS- Is it the PLAYERS or the COACHES--

In my opinion I take a more conservative thinking approach here unlike some posters and believe its Never one thing and usually a COMBINATION of factors- Ie- The current LIons demise is a result of Poor Coaching, lack of any real scouting from american colleges, PLAYERS who are not CFl ready or capable of performing-- At the end of the day all these factors are all to blame for the LIons demise--

Everyone must share the Blame for the LIons demise from the Gm to the coaches, players to MOST IMPORTANTLY THE FANS-

I have noticed at Empire that we might possibly have the WORST home field advantage in PRO sports history- As football fans we are not INTELLIGENT- We dont make noise when the other team has the ball- We need a crazy guy beating a DRUM to fire the crowd up? We only cheer when the LIons score a TD or make a huge play-
I have been to ever stadium in the league and can tell you that the Lions home advantage is actually a BIG MENTAL disadvantage that works against the Lions--

When the LIons were at their best in 2005-2007 time frame, the DOME was so loud and opposing QBs like BURRIS and RAY never did well when the NOISE was jacked up and the fans were hyper--

The fans have a BIG infuence on the game, look at WInnipeg and their HYPER home crowd. BC fans are very laid back, we only celebrate end results and are a product of the HIGH cost of LIVING and the motto of FAST MONEY, easy MONEY and getting something for NOTHING-- They refuse to be REAL football fans and pay ATTENTION and cheer all game long and make life miserable for visiting teams- But with the NEW INSTANT GRATIFICATION motto that has been sweeping the west coast Ex- Scammers, drug dealers, youngsters who feel like they dont have to work, we have FANS that are not willing to WILL the home team to a WIN by providing energy- Not one visiting team is afraid of Empire field-
GO to SEATTLE and watch those fans--
I had some crazy lunatic screaming beside me at a Seahawks game and I needed ear plugs as he was SO loud acting like he was running out of a burning building--

One area the FANS can help is DRAWING a PROCEDURE PENALTY or TIME COUNT penalty by RATTLING opposing QBs, ilke the do in the NFL and any loud stadium--

Its like the LIons have lost any PRIDE in DEFENDING HOME TURF- Other teams walk into town, think they own Empire, opposing players openly Flirt with our Cheerleaders who return the Flirting-

Perhaps make a Lions Dog Pound area? Perhaps bring those air horns back? Pump music in the speakers, get the cheerleaders to do more ""Stripper Like Dance routines to Fire up the FANS?

IF we as FANS cannot get FIRED UP, then the team will PLAY FLAT and continue to NOT CARE--

Regarding the changes, all I can say is TRY it out and EVALUATE- The first step is making changes, it at least shows you are serious about improving--

Jerome Dennis- NOt sure if he is any good as we RELEASED him in BC after he was consistently seen hanging off the BACK of NIK LEWIS's jersey routinely when Calgary played us- THen Hamilton took him and released him back to us? Doesent seem like he is a keeper if we are releasing and reacquiring him?

JR RUFFIN- New wideside halfback- Now this is interesting- This is JOHN HUFFNAGEL's recruit from 2006- He was possibly the fastest player in the CFL with CGY- This man is absolute LIGHTNING- Problem as with many of Wally's recruits is we get the PLAYERS who are WASHED UP? For those of you who didnt know RUFFIN has had 5 knee surgeries in the past 2 years?
SO there is a reason possibly why he is not playing PRO FOOTBALL-- He has potential if his KNEE is healthy-

These 2 guys are basically UNWANTED by other CFL teams, but what do you expect we are going to get when we have missed so badly on defenders like Tad Crawford, Darren TONEY, Jason Arakgi, David Hyland--
Its exposing a problem that can be fixed- Get some real scouting here, there are many good Db's who would play in the CFL from big schools-
The LIons need to JOIN the new ERA of football and Get out of the WALLY DINOSAUR AREA- The world and things change fast the key is to adapt--
If you send a guy like myself to States, I would go to Florida, Miami , Fort Lauderale area and advertise OPEN tryouts for BC LIONS- I can assure you that I can find you better Db's than MARSH, Philips, Sanchez, Arakgi, Travis Williams-
I would also go to TEXAS and do the same thing- Advertise open tryouts for CFL BC LIONS--

Usa is in a recession, players who are Stud athletes and played college will NEED the money so I dont think it will be hard to bring in guys to CANADA to make a good SALARY-

You go to Florida and Texas, you will find BIG very fast physical players that can dominate the CFL--

You dont have to go out and FIND the players, You GO TO WHERE THEY LIVE- All the really good football players reside in the state of Florida and Texas-

Cutting players can be risky as the team may UNITE and totally MAIL in this game FRIDAY vs Hamilton in PROTEST of players being CUT- I think in PRO sports RESPECT is everything- If you dont have the respect of the team how can you expect them to go out and PLAY and FIGHT for you?

Having said that I wil rescind my previous BOYCOTTING idea and support the TEAM, as they are making CHANGES in the ONE AREA that I posted about which is the secondary--

Well I think THAT is a very GOOD idea you have, supporting your TEAM.


also CAPS lock IS NOT always REQUIRED. Shocking, I KNOW.

I wouldn't say this was the #1 reason we haven't been stellar at Empire, however you do have a point. The noise at Qwest field (Seahawks' home) definitely helps the team both on Defence and just to get hyped for the game.

That said, I might be dating myself a little; but I remember being at a certain Grey Cup game where the Lions were told by the league that Crazy George couldnt do his thing in the 2nd half because it was unfair to the Argos.

Well we should ensure 75% of our fans are drunk before each game. Works well in Regina. Has anyone been around a quite drunk?

One of the reasons I stopped going to Lions games at the stadium:

  • more "fans" apparently interested in themselves and their appearance than the game
  • people spending more time getting beer, drinking beer, draining beer than paying attention to the game with their constant in/out of seats blocking my view
  • I can see the game better on TV
  • Don't have to worry about parking