European league

Any thoughts on this league. I watched it for the first time this year and was quite impressed!

Of course I’ve been seen watching that XFL crap way back just to get my “fix” in the off season :slight_smile:

I Actually Enjoyed The XFL A Lot More Then nFL Europe, Msinly Because Of The nFL Aspect Of It And The Fact That I Knew The XFL Was Going To Fold Pretty Quickly. It’s A Bad Omen When One Player Games Injured Before The Opening Kickoff And Another Teams Finishes The Season With It’s Sixth String QB.

Believe me you will see some of the most talented athletes in the world in that league. Most of the guys in NFLE are guys with raw talent and need to refine there game a little bit. Kurt Warner, Adam Vinatieri, Jake Delhomme, and the list goes on and on. It seems to me that every year a few of these guys have breakout years in the NFL. I look for this years class that had Dave Ragone, Jarrett Payton, Kory Chapman to do great things next season. This league is mostly comprised of guys that need a little more playing time to adapt to the NFL style. It’s the minor league of the NFL and it gives the Europeans a chance to enjoy football.

Some clame that the CFL is another minor league for the NFL, which is such BS!

I haven’t seen NFLE but it seems more of a German league now than a Euro league.

I believe that NFLE is a minor league of the NFL, obviously because teams allocate there players to play there. CFL is definately separate from the NFL, i look at it as an NFL graveyard, with exceptions(Garcia, Moon, Flutie, and Ismail). Some players just accel better inthe CFL because of the different rules. Now, now don’t take offense to what i just said, because most of the NFL players you guys get are in there early thirties. NFLE players are early twenties. Would love to see a game between allstars from NFLE and the CFL. I think this would be a great game. It also can showcase talent from both leagues.