Eurobowl XXV

Eurobowl XXV - live
Absolutely Top game in Europe
Tirol Raiders (Austria) vs. Berlin Adler (Germany)
in 30 minutes

Special guests: the Oakland Raiders cheerleaders and Hall of Famer Willie Brown

Oakland Raiders are partners of the Tirol Raiders.

This is a joke until gridiron gets something remotely close to a World Cup of Soccer. Although soccer in and of itself is a joke sport, oh well, what can I say. :? :wink:

Joke, maybe, but Rome wasn't built in a day, as they say. You've gotta start somewhere.

The golden time of football in Europe has already passed :slight_smile:
In the 90´s, when the Eurobowl was played in Germany, 20,000 came to the game.

Record crowd is 30,000 on the German Bowl (German championship) in Hamburg in 1999.
Responsible for the boom in Germany was one team:

The Blue Devils victory in the Charity Bowl against the St. Xavier University in 1995, was the first success for an European team against an US college team.