Euro Soccer

Great day of soccer today with an exciting big 2-1 win for Wales over Slovakia. Earlier the Swiss hung on 1-0 over Albania and just now England blowing it - allowing Russia a goal in stoppage time to tie 1-1.

That after an exciting France win yesterday.

So great start to a month of soccer.

But unfortunately marred by tons of violence in Marseilles with rioting fans on the streets last night and apparently some problems inside the stadium too with reports of Russian fans chasing England fans from their seats at the end of the game.

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Some images from Marseilles

This video scenes from before the game.

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Russian fans breaking through security lines and attacking England fans in the stadium. What is wrong with thise idiots?

hey TP, are you following COPA as well? Watched a good game between argentina and panama yesterday

I cheer more for south and central America teams than Europe.

Like to see spain or Portugal win euro

like to see mexico, brazil, or Columbia win copa.

Don't follow soccer but what exactly is this "Euro Cup" thingy and how do the people that understand and know soccer view it compared with the World Cup that even me as someone who doesn't follow soccer knows of. What exactly is this "Euro" thingy? :? And I guess Canada isn't involved in this other than our Canadians that follow it because they have some soccer background of some sort. :?

Europeans (and probably most of the rest of the world) would consider the 'Euro thingy' the second most important soccer tournament behind only the World Cup.

I briefly watched part of a Chile and somebody game last night - but I tend to prefer watching European soccer. Some great talent in the Americas - but I've just seen two many games that became complete dive fests between South American teams - and that has sort of turned me off them. Yes there is of course diving etc. in European soccer but no where near as bad as what I've often seen between South American teams.

as far as I know, Canada men have never qualified for international play, except friendlies.

here is partial info on countries and the groups they belong to. couldn't find anything better

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here is one where the womens team qualified

Well I'm sure it brings in really good business, at any rate, to restaurants in Canada that cater to those that follow this tournament so that's good for them.

Some of the ugly scenes inside the stadium at the Russia - England game.
Ambassador Julian King tweeted: "Number of Brits in hospital overnight. Consular following closely with French authorities." He added that the embassy was "reviewing the situation" with the French authorities. Earlier on Saturday French police said one Briton had had to be resuscitated by officers and was left in a critical condition. They have used tear gas for a third day and a water cannon to try and stop outbursts of violence. There were also clashes in the city of Nice between police and fans from Northern Ireland and Poland, who are due to play their opening match later. Six people were reportedly injured, before order was restored.
Ugly stuff!

Uncivilized people that give the excellent sport of soccer a low-class label.

Some AWESOME soccer being played in the Euros - and after Leicester City's incredible 5000 - 1 Cinderella story this season in the Premier League - we are seeing some great Cinderella stories in this tournament.

The best of which is Iceland. A country of 330,000 people - not only miraclous that they made it into this tournament - they've now made it through to the round of 16 and will play England. Other upstarts like Hungary, Wales and Northern Ireland are really making this a great tournament to watch.

The Iceland story is incredible though. It is estimated that close to one tenth of the country's population is in France cheering their team on. The Icelandic TV announcer - like their fans went TOTALLY bonkers when they scored a late goal to beat Austria today. Fun stuff!

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Since Canada isn't in Europe we can,t play at Euro :slight_smile:
Canada Men qualified for the 1986 World Cup, lost 3 straight and did not score a goal :roll:

Iceland with the massive 2-1 upset win.

England has Brexited the tournament :smiley:

Yup! Well done Iceland - what a party Reykjavik will be having for days. (It's a great party town at any time - but now it will be off the charts.)

On that Brexit theme - this the Tweet at the final whistle by The Guardian's sports reporter who was doing live tweets throughout the game.

It’s all over! England have been eliminated from Euro 2016 by Iceland. For the second time in a week, England suffer an ignominious exit from Europe.
And just like their Prime Minister after the loss - England's manager Roy Hodgson announced his resignation right after the game.

HUGE upset in yesterday's quarterfinal with Wales beating top ranked Belgium 3 - 1. What an incredible performance by the underdogs - and needless to say back in Wales - they went nuts when the Welsh scored their 3rd goal to clinch it late in the game.

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How cool would it be to have a Wales-Iceland final (if that's even possible)?!

Regardless, still hoping for more upsets yet. :thup:

The Germany - Italy penalty kicks to decide the outcome yesterday was hilarious. Such pressure that some of the best soccer players in the world kept mmissing the net. Both teams missing 3 of their first five shots. When has that happened before at this level of soccer?

And today do the heavily favoured hosts the French move on to the semis - or is it still not midnight for Cinderella Iceland.

And Dave if Iceland can win today they do go on to play Germany in one semi while Wales play Portugal in the other so that Wales - Iceland final - as absurd as thatsounds - right now is still a longshot possibility.

I guess it must be midnight for Cinderella Iceland. 4 - 0 for France at halftime.

Oh well, and I don't suppose Wales has much of a chance against Portugal....but then they didn't have much of a chance against their other opponents either, so who knows.

On the other hand, I do also find it quite compelling to see some of the traditional powerhouses facing each other, like Italy-German and now France-Germany and likely Portugal-France/Germany.

Very cool video of tens of thousands of fans in Reyjavik doing that Viking cheer the Iceland fans made famous in the stadiums.

[url=] ... 293209411/[/url]

And here a shot I took of that very hillside all those thousands of fans are standing on from when I visited Reykjavik and Iceland a few years ago now. One of my two all time favourite international destinations to go along with New Zealand.