Euro 2024 Germany

awww. I guess we have to be enemies on this :slight_smile:

Not really, I’m a France fan, however Spain will defeat England 1-0

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It would be nice for England to finally get that monkey off their back as they haven’t won a tournament since WC ‘66. Worse than the Maple Laughs’ streak.

I was born a Brit but it was very hard through the 90s cheering them on and I was only there as an infant so not a solid tie to the country.

You called it alright!

I think Spain will prevail, for they have the more complete game and have been the best of the tournament.

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my dad was a brit but i have no attachment to england at all.

It would be nice to be able to see which way it would have gone if not for the atrocious penalty call.

In modern football, high studs in the direction of a player will be called as a foul. It’s almost always a booking at minimum too.

Players know well these days, after a few seasons of such emphasis since about 2021, not to initiate with the studs up and/or landing high above the foot or in a stomping motion onto the foot, no matter if contact with the ball is made or what appears to have been the intent.

It was the correct call via VAR, though understandably some think it was a harsh call, but hey they did review the matter via VAR.

Now on matters such as some of these “handballs” of late, well that’s probably another thread along with the offside law and its flaws in the Premier League and so forth.

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Spain reaches the top of the mountain. 2-1 over England.



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