Euro 2021

Starts today

11 hosts across the continent...celebrating the 60th anniversary of event.....well 61st.

24 teams in 6 groups. Portugal defending champ.

Italy kicks it off again Turkey at 3pm EST today

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Italy 3, Turkey 0, late 2nd half.

That was a flattering score for the Turks. I expected more from them.

With Wales and Switzerland the other teams in group A, I don't see anyone challenging the Azzurri for top spot there.

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Yes they'll have a relatively easy go of it.

The Turks can be happy that they scored one goal.

Too bad for them it was into their own net.


Well as a fan of the Azzurri all my life, I was worried at the end of the first half. "Tanta fantasia zero gol" = All action and drama no results.

Then after the autogol from pressure I was no longer worried. The last goal was a gem after more great passing.

Turkey managed only 3 shots of which 2 were blocked and 0 on target.

Turkey played a 4-1-4-1, which is a defensive edition of an already defensive 4-5-1, yet had no counterattack as I figured was coming more.

Italy were able to grind with all the possession and simply wear them down. What a shut-down.

…will there be another underdog story like Iceland a few years ago? Hope so, that was fun…

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Scary incident in the Finland-Denmark match

Christian Erikssen went down late in the first half. Doing CPR by the medical staff defibulator being used too.

Taken off the field on a stretcher with a curtain over him. Doesn't look good:(

Match has been suspended.

The best news there could be right now.

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The Belgians controlling the Russians. The Russians can't do anything, they look tired and disorganized

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Belgium is my pick to go all the way

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most likely to happen. Belgium and France the two likely choices.

I am hoping for Spain or Portugal.

Dont want it to be France, Germany, or England

Itally and Belgium would be ok.

Would be nice to see a northern country win, or the Swiss. Not Russia

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Netherlands 3, Ukraine 2. . . a terrific entertaining match.


Wild game or more specifically the 2nd half in Amsterdam. 3-2 Netherlands win over Ukraine.

Austria leads group C right now due to goal differential with a 3-1 win over North Macedonia.

England defeats Croatia 1-0 in Wembley to kick off group D action


Happy to see Slovakia won their game for all the Slovaks in Ireland. Dublin was meant to host 3 games - 2 of them involving Slovakia - but the matches were moved because of lockdown

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Best match of the Euros by far so far!

Would love to see Belgium do it but DeBruyne's injury is a big worry.

Watching Hungary and Portugal - stadium packed 60,000, and I don't see one mask anywhere. But Hungary does have 42% fully vaccinated.

Credit to Hungary, they're overmatched but giving the Portuguese all they can handle. . .

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Guess I jinxed them; 2-0 Portugal now.

Floodgates completely open....3-0 now

Ronaldo with a pair including a PK