Euro 2008......This is Football too!

Just to add something different to the discussion.

Euro 2008 is now underway, with all 16 teams having played their first game. As usual, there were some snoozers, and some were very exciting, even to the casual fan.

As seen by me, one who enjoys all athletic contests, when played by the best, here are my impressions so far.

Four teams have stood out from the crowd. Those would be Germany, Spain, Netherlands, and Italy.
Now, I know that the Azzurri were beaten quite badly by the Netherlands, but I include them because they are a good team and will rebound.

For what it's worth, I see Germany and the Netherlands meeting in the final, June 29, with Germany winning.

Thoughts? (Other than the expected sneers at a game that is not so popular among native Canadians)

I always cheer for netherlands, spain - portugal, and brazil - argentina.

With no south american teams, I go with first spain, then Netherlands, then portugal.

Here is hoping for SpainNetherland match.

I'd like to see the Swedes play the Swiss in the final just cause it would mess with so many people's heads. However, I would tend to go Netherlands/Spain with the Czechs being a dark horse.

Sorry guys, but a Spain/Netherlands Final is not possible.
The way this is structured, Groups A and B will compete through the semi-finals to declare a finalist, as will Groups C and D.

The Netherlands and Spain are both in the CD grouping. So they may, and probably will, meet in the semifinal. That would be a great contest, but only one could make the final.

The only definite thing to show so far is the disappointing effort by France, originally considered a strong threat in the "Group of Death".

I have been watching bits and pieces and while I don't know soccer that much, do find it entertaining in some respects.

But Wilf, in North America most of us call it soccer, just to point out although you probably are already aware of this :wink: . But technically yes, it is all football I agree.

Wow FYB, your choices are 100% the same as me. Or my preferences are 100% the same as yours.

Do they play CFL or NFL rules?

:oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

Oops my bad, Half read the post, went off the title.

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Still half asleep! Its Soccer you're talking about.

Ignore me. :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

I will then predict a Netherlands/Spain vs Czech match for the final. (Guess I shoulda checked to see if that works out bracket-wise. :slight_smile:

To clarify the Groups, and for reference, here are the Groups...

Group A Czech Republic

Group B Austria

Group C France

Group D Greece

As stated ealier, one finalist will come from the AB groups, and the other from the CD groups. Take your picks!

in that case, though I know it cant happen, I would like Portugal vs spainnetherlands.

Sorry wilf, but my preference ranking in AB is

Actually, In world competition, none of the rest would make my top 10, but for Wilf, I will pick Germany next. so

PolandCroatiaTurkey (pick em)

Like I get to decide anyhow :lol: :lol:

FYB, don't feel bad about not being able to decide. That's life! We don't get to decide about many things, some important, most not so critical.
We have to be satisfied with being able to express our opinions, which we are free to do.

C'est la vie!

Looks like my pick of Germany to win is becoming clouded with doubt. Clearly the best showing so far has been the Netherlands. In a group that includes former World Champions France and Italy, the Dutch have been outstanding.
It would appear that if the Italian community in Toronto wants to continue celebrating, they must discard their blue shirts and quickly don orange ones.
Early times still. But, some very exciting times for committed fans of the game. And even for those of us who just enjoy good athletic competition.

Caveat....If I wanted to watch diving, I would go to a pool. Aside from that......

hey wilf, what do you think of croatia?

got a chance??

I thought they were pretty entertaining.

Croatia....Yes, the have a good chance. That's the team that beat my Germans, and now lead Group B.
As to entertaining, of course. Every winner is entertaining to at least part of the audience.
As a complete neophyte about the skills required at this level, I find myself categorizing the teams as either 'entertaining', or 'having the killer instinct'.

Right now, Croatia fits both categories.
A long way to go yet, though. Every team that is playing has earned its place, but soon the cream will rise to the top.

here is a question I have pondered before.

has any country ever won both a international hockey championship, and a international soccer championship.

Sweden almost upsetting spain looked like they could make a run at it.

Wonder what country can best claim to be a contender in both sports

That pairing probably restricts the contenders to Sweden, Russia, and the Czech Republic.
If it's been done, my guess would be the Czechs.

England may be the only one to have won both. Olympics 1936, FIFA World Cup 1966. They are definitely not a hockey contender now though, are they? :slight_smile:

Judging by the fact that England couldn't qualify for Euro 2008, they are not a soccer contender either. Maybe this is a wakeup call. They seem to need one. Quite embarrassing!

A very interesting situation pending in tomorrow's action.
In Group C, the strong teams going in were Netherlands, France, and Italy.
Now, France and Italy have both lost to the Netherlands, and both have tied Romania, judged to be the weakest team in the group.
As a result, Netherlands leads with 6 points, Romania has 2 points from two ties, and France and Italy have 1 point each from their one tie.

Now, on Tuesday, Netherlands plays Romania. If Romania wins, that eliminates both France and Italy.
France and Italy play each other in what may be a meaningless game.

Ethical and moral question....Does Netherlands have the right to rest their key players, risking a meaningless loss? Do they have the right to lose deliberately, thus eliminating a possible later meeting with stronger opponents? Does it even matter, since both France and Italy have already been defeated decisively?

Note both games are being played at exactly the same time, so that the outcome of either one cannot affect how the other is played.

Interesting to try to inject oneself into the minds of the coaches with such decisions to be made!

I heard that portugal rested some??

On one hand, I really dont agree with doing that. OTOH, I hate to think they lost with their best people

and how about that turkey game eh. STupid chechs thought they could just sit back with the lead and play defensive.