Eugene Melynk

Well, it seems that the Sens might just have an owner that is more corrupt, for want of a better word, than the Gliebs. Will be interesting to see if the people there in Ottawa will keep giving Mr. Melynk their money so he can do some more insider trading with it.


Maybe Frank D'Angelo doesn't look so bad. Or the Gliebs for that matter.


Ever heard the expression "innocent until proven guilty"? This isn't the USA. Besides, they're only investigating. Melnyk also said that those "hidden shares" weren't his when all that shit happened. If it's true, then it will be easy to prove.

Oh, I'm sure that someone who comes across as squeaky clean as Mr. Melynk certainly wouldn't do anything like insider trading? He just looks so, well, pure, eh?


Earl - this is a hockey topic - nothing to do with football or this site!!

You're right mikem, but I just couldn't resist, if you know what I mean. Our nation's capital, well, just fun discussing all the goings on from the city that runs much of our business in this country.
My sincere apologies.


Actually, Biovail is located in Toronto, or close enough... :wink:

So let me get this straight, somebody is paying big bucks for Sens games and Eugene takes this money and uses it in Toronto to add to his fortune. So Sens fans are actually helping out a Toronto firm then. Interesting, I didn't think that Sens fans wanted much to do with Toronto, especially helping out that city. I always wondered why I could never like the Sens but I guess this could be one reason I suppose. :wink:

But all the money Melnyk pockets goes to the Barbados, where he lives, not in Toronto. :slight_smile:

Plus, if I had to choose between Montreal and Toronto, I'd choose Toronto. Not a chance in hell I will ever cheer for the Cana-chiens.

To be fair Melnyk has been accused by the Ontario's Security Commission of
"failure to report thousands of trades in Biovail shares"

Nothing to do with insider training or any criminal offence, he violated their rules.

By the way Bob Young is from North Carolina, that's where his business Red Hat is located and that's where he lives. He hasn't lived in Hamilton for decades.

Bob Young is from Ancaster, Ontario, just outside of Hamilton BTW. He also gives money to hospitals and other charities in this area.

Actually, just reading the following, it is, in fact, failure of reporting insider trading that is what he is being investigated for. Of course, newspapers often do not tell the whole story so who knows:

"The Ontario Securities Commission has alleged that Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk failed to report inside trading of shares in drugmaker Biovail"

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