Eugune Melynk was just on with Bob McCown. He said "no comment" whether he is interested in buying the Gades. He laughed on several occasions and appears is looking into the possibility of buying. Said if Tom Wright called he would take the call and listen.
Bob was pressing him to go ahead and look into it and how it would work by owning both the hockey and football operations. Eugene said he used to go to the X and watched the Argos many years ago. Bob said he ius trying to save the football team.
I would say where there is smoke there is fire. I hope so.

BOB McCOWN is the MAN!!!!!!!!!!

hes got half our spirit, but with connections.

Oh God I hope so too … so maybe Tom Wright should give him a call?

Instant credibility in the city … money, and cross-promotion opportunities.

“appears in looking into the possibility of buying.” How do you mean? What did he do on the show to indicate as such? And when you say “Bob said he is trying to save the football team”, does that mean Bob is trying to save the Renegades, or Eugene?

........from a business pov this can work.......the Flames are 10% Owners of the Stampeders and the two clubs share in marketing ventures and concession operations.....there is a lot of cross over in various marketing functions between the two franchises from clothing products to business supports the other......

new-look Gades...

I have listened to Bob for all his time on sports radio. Here is a guy who was totally pro No Fun League years ago, now it is full circle as he says all of the time how the CFL is the best entertainment around. Some of you may also know how Bob McCown , who used to live part time in Las Vegas, was actually part of the group that wanted to bring a CFL franchise to the city. Instead and it was a mistake, Cleveland Nick Meletti got the franchise and the rest they say is history.
Bob also told Melnyk now would be the best time to acquire the Gades since he has the Sens and the infastructure is there.
My CFL includes the Gades. Let's go Melnyk.

Can you believe the power of phone calls these days?.. First, Karikari wants to sign with the team that calls him the most, then, Eugene Melnyk might buy a failing football team if he gets the appropriate phone call… geez…

Nice on the gold trim, dg :wink:

Come on Melnyk ... this would be perfect ... and I can't imagine it being bad for the Sens, either?

Eugene also said he just arrived in Ottawa today and the talk of the town was the Gades and how everyone has been bugging him to buy. Oh please, with his money this would only be pocket change.

Is this a glimmer of hope? Could this be the "option for the future" that was eluded to in the CFL's press release?

I'm getting a little tingly...

Wow, can you imagine solid ownership throughout the league like never seen before. Multi millionaires and most being Canadians(Argos, Ticats and Gades).

Funny how quickly feelings change … wasn’t everyone paranoid of losing the Gades only a few hours ago? Now pessimism has changed into optimism with this Melnyk rumour … well, I certainly hope that where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and generally that’s true. This could be (dare I say would be?) the Renegades’ saving grace …

Yeah, I perceived a positive reaction from Melnyk in there too. But I'm just being optimistic. If he buys the team maybe he should be given the Order of Canada. Or at least the Order of Ottawa.

Eugene Melnyk said he hasn’t talked to Tom Wright, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been in conversation with Bob Young or Dave Braley and the Argo owners. They would be the guys making the decisions not Tom.
But Melnyk is the guy that could make things work in Ottawa.

I was out at the Bank last Friday to see Coldplay (Awesome concert BTW). I was envious of the fact that the Senators play in such a modern arena compared to Frankclair. I also thought what a great idea it would be to piggyback the Renegades with the Senators. Given the price of hockey tickets, whats another $99 for season tickets to 9 football games. It seems liekt a no-brainer. And then Melnyk could bring in Doug Flutie. I hope that Melnyk gets interested. quick!!!

Maybe the Sens can do what the Leafs do here in the Center of the Universe, blackmail their season ticket holders to buy the Craptors as well?

better, but with red and gold!!!

I like to see the Ottawa sens owner own a part of the team, maybe all of it if he can.

but why not have the team cumminty owned?

this picture is red and gold, kanga.

and it wont be community owned because ottawa's mayor doesnt want to put any money into this team.

One of the nice things, though, is that most CFL football stadiums are exactly that, not plush, fancy hockey stadiums in a sterile indoor environment. This is what partly attracts me to the CFL. Now don't get me wrong, I would love Ivor Wynne to have individual seats and not benches except for the end zones and for the stadium to be upgraded. But I can live without the individual seats for sure, not a problem at all and, in some ways, adds to feel, I always like to try and look on the positive side of things! Look at Wrigley Field after all, not exactly a place where people avoid. (Actually my box seats are bench seats that have a back on them curved for your back, just like an individual seat but without arm rests)

why not? JC, what’s wrong with these people? can’t they do anything for their team or do anything right?