Eugene Melnyk Passed Away. UPD 23-Jun-22: Ottawa Senators reach agreement with NCC for New Arena

Sort of reminds me a bit of David Braley and both battled major health problems for a number of years before their death and I'm sure this takes a toll on your personality and demeanour and patience and everything else to do with how life is complicated with serious illness and how the brain/mind deals with all of this. Everyday living can become a chore I'm sure let alone all the decisions that go along with having a lot of money and financial interests and family issues involved.

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An expected update on bidding plans from the update

If they're only going to issue an letter of intent in June, the end of the year is not allot of time to complete a lease.

Back to the no news cycle

They say "multiple submissions" recieved for LeBreton Flats. I would assume that means not just the NHL team bidding, but other parties interested in leasing the site.

Could also mean they are looking at multiple parcels.

Could it be an arena? NCC won't reveal 'major' attraction pitches for LeBreton | CBC News

They're expected to finish reviewing the bids in a couple weeks, enter a 60 day negotiation window and select the winner(s) by the end of June.

They didn't even wait for Eugene's body to get cold

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I guess no one there wants to be "diagnosed" and pathologized with the new DSM diagnosis of Prolonged Grief Disorder ie

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Not a real update but some possible front runners to buy the club/part of it

Ownership Situation Looms Over The Ottawa Senators' Off-Season Plans (

Traikos believed some, like media giant Quebecor, would want to relocate the franchise. Others prefer keeping the team in Ottawa. An informed source claims John Ruddy, head of Trinity Development Group, is the favorite of the city of Ottawa and NHL commissioner Gary Bettman.

Ruddy and Melnyk had formed a partnership exploring the possibility of constructing a new arena complex at LeBreton Flats. That effort eventually broke down as Melnyk sued Ruddy over “an egregious conflict of interest on the part of Trinity”.

Would be interesting if a group lead by Ruddy would be the front runner despite the existing litigation. My understanding the case will begin in September so maybe a settlement can be reached before then.

Tomorrow an NCC meeting is scheduled and is expected to announce an preferred bidder for a parcel of land in Lebreton Flats.

The Senators are considered the front runner but OSEG is not expected to be their parter. Kind of makes sense since there's still ligation between with Trinity.

Ottawa Senators are chosen as the preferred bidder by the NCC on a parcel of land for a new downtown arena.

Ottawa Senators new arena LeBreton Flats -

Plan to have the lease finalized by fall 2023 Partners include Populous and Live Nation. No OSEG involved.

Here's take 2 on this!

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Let the NIMBY opposition begins.

The same idiots who fought long and hard to stop the Landsdowne Stadium renovation.

I don't think we'll get the same degree of oppostion to this plan and this place.

Oh you never know. It's usually the vocal minority that gets their way if they make enough noise for their 15 mins in the spotlight.