Eugene Melnyk Passed Away. UPD 23-Jun-22: Ottawa Senators reach agreement with NCC for New Arena

Making a separate thread outside of the general NHL one as it will eventually involve a sale down the road

Only 62 but heard he was having health challenges but shocking to hear none of the less

RIP Mr Melnyk


Sad to hear. My condolences to his family.

What will happen to the Senators now?

Will they still be in Ottawa after a potential sale.

Sorry to hear of the passing of the late Mr. Eugene Melnyk. He was the same age as my older sister that passed away a few weeks from COVID.

Eugene was a kind and generous man. He'd come to my place of work with his mother. Eugene only came because his mother loved coming to my place of work. He tipped the dealers over $100,000 that they all shared in. My casino was terrified of him betting heavy action. He walked away with close to a million dollars on one occasion.

RIP Eugene


He had a liver transplant in 2015, there is always a chance that the organ will be rejected.

Very sorry to hear of the passing of your sister.

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Also very sorry about the passing of your sister. That cursed disease just won’t go away.

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Thanks for sharing a nice story about a man who gets a lot of negative publicity, especially here in Ottawa.

And condolences about your sister's passing. People should be getting ready to enjoy their retirement at that age. Very sad.

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Condolences to his family and Sens fans.

Does this now put that snake oil salesman Anthony LeBlanc in charge of the Senators?? :woozy_face:

Surprisingly ever since LeBlanc joined the team, they haven't been making headlines for the wrong reasons. Maybe he finally learned his lesson from his time in AZ and the front person in SSE.

I would think the franchise is in trust. He does have 2 daughters in their 20s but not sure how long they want or able to hang on to the team

According to this there's plenty of interest in keeping the team in Ottawa

The NCC has restarted the process of developing part of Lebreton with a deadline to express interest at the end of February.

When asked after the deadline if they responded, Leblanc said 'no comment'... very un-Leblanc like :wink:

It will be a long process

Sorry to hear about your sister...way too young...

Thank you for sharing this experience

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Condolences to you and your family on the passing of your sister .

I heard a feel good story of Eugene from a guy in Ottawa I was doing business with several years ago that he gave a certain cancer drug either free or extremely discounted for his wife that would have been prohibited to buy due to the cost .
Can't remember the details of it .

I do know he was very grateful to Melynk .

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Thank you for your condolence.

I appreciate your sentiment

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Thanks for for your kind acknowledgement

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This will now get into the post Melnyk territory

Sens are no longer partnering with Quebec City to bid for the World Juniors.

Interesting that they are partnering with OSEG including John Ruddy who Melnyk has a lawsuit against over the implosion of the Lebreton Flats plan.

Speaking of that, there's expected to be an update on that front as the NCC meets tomorrow.

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I've never been inside the Canadian Tire Centre but I will say from pics of the outside and inside it sure does look nice even at the "ripe" old age of 28 years think it is. I wonder if the Melnyk family does want to hold onto to the team or sell? Too early to tell at this point I guess.

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More likely to sell. Hopefully it stays in Ottawa.

The LeBreton Flats might be revisited.

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I do think it's a good building. Probably a little big for their needs but if there's an opportunity to build downtown then it's the priority.

Ottawa Senators' dream of playing in a new downtown arena is very much alive again (

As a source with intimate knowledge of the situation told me, “any new owner is going to want the team at LeBreton for the long-term health and valuation of the club.”

Even if Melnyk’s daughters, Anna and Olivia, in their early 20s, decide to honour their father’s wishes by keeping the team in the family, a strong chance exists they would take on a significant minority partner; something their father showed no interest in doing.

Fresh ideas, fresh capital and a fresh opportunity to build new liaisons between the hockey club, the NHL and the broader Ottawa-Gatineau community, adds up to a great deal of potential for something special to happen.

Sad that it took his death to make this happen but he didn't play nice with others. So yes some new faces...and new $$$ will help.

Makes sense that OSEG, which runs the arena at TDPlace would have the world juniors. Makes more sense to have the juniors at the 10k arena