Eugene Lewis Appreciation

Just wanted to give some extra props to Mr. Lewis, who not only went over 1000 yards receiving in last night's win, but demonstrated exactly why he is Harris's go-to target in key situations. He's not the biggest or the fastest, and he doesn't get exceptional separation from whoever's assigned to cover him. What he does do is make catches in tight coverage that most receivers would not be able to fight through. Essentially, Harris can throw to Lewis even when he's not actually open and be confident that more often than not, he'll come down with the ball.

While I wish that Harris wouldn't lock in on Lewis as much as he does -- I think that over-focus is part of why the offense sometimes struggles to move the ball or complete drives -- it's so nice to see Geno making plays when it counts, particularly in the red zone.


He fallow our legacy of big dominant #1 WR after Sj Green and Jamal Richardson



I'm not really a fan of Davis Sanchez as a commentator. He has trouble finding the right words, fumbles his words a lot, after a few years on the job. But he made some great points about Geno Lewis in this TSN recap on the game: CFL Videos - Highlights and Analysis from the Canadian Football League

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This guy killed us Tiger Cats on Sunday and was one of the main reasons for Montreal's win. I hope you guys beat the Argos next week.