Euclid Cummings

I am truly sickened by the details emerging regarding this story.

Seems a review of the entire organization should be in order imo. I get the innocent until proven guilty thing but this goes beyond a locker room dust up.

Who chose to hush it up? Did the Board have knowledge? Who informed the CFL?

The holier than thou attitude needs to go.

Cummings was a Bomber when it happened. By their silence they are condoning his behaviour.

This is pretty well a rock bottom moment for the Bombers, again imo. Something needs to be done.

Time for Doug Brown to see what he can do.

Board of Directors time to step up and do the right thing.

Joe - I'm pretty much in lock step with you on this matter.

But for the most part this one's a pretty basic wash-off for Senor Wad Miller & GM Dorky Walters. They'll borrow a page from the Trump playbook (1001 Excuses, Cons & Political Diversions) and either feign ignorance or hide behind the law itself (we couldn't comment on the matter, it was before the courts). That's how vermin rolls and there's no question Miller & Walters are vermin.
Besides - they don't want to come clean and risk their hi-paying jobs (Miller - $425,000+, Walters - $325,000+)
So truths and facts have to play second fiddle to lies, dodges and abuses!

Ms. Spiring is the public's rep on The Bored, think she's going to speak up?

Ms. Spiring will do exactly what Herr Miller instructs her to do!

Unfortunately, for the community there are no independent thinkers when it comes to football club policy!

CTV News link below,

Almost 1 Year, 4 Months and 20 Days ago since the said incident went down. Secrecy inside the CIA movement of the Canadian Football League comes to mind. Cheers to Euclid Cummings and indeed hope to see back in the league.

Great timing to roll out the violence against women campaign. That ought to work for now. Stall, stall.

Wade Miller has to go.