Etienne Boulay retires

He and Danny were the small silver linings to the Argos' very dark cloud. Merci pour tout numéro 22. :thup:

Merci à Étienne pour tous ses bons jeux et sa disponibilité pour les supporteurs. Il a été un bon joueur, un bon coéquipier et un ambassadeur sympathique pour les Alouettes.

Bonne chance dans tes projets, Étienne et reçois les salutations de ton ami Louis-Victor.

Etienne had a great career with our team. For a small size back, I’ve witnessed some great hits by him.

No better way to go out than with a grey cup victory. He helped a struggling Agro Coverage Unit turn it around. Got some spot play on defense in Cover 2 situations. Matt Black also benefited by both Younger and Boulay in taking over as the starting Safety for the Argos. Boulay will be the 3rd of that D back field group to retire.
Long time NFL Vet Amaad Carroll got one last chance to go out on top in a positive note. Jordon Younger a CFL vet grabbed a second Grey Cup for the Argos and now Boulay serving in mostly ST capacity still very valuable. All three making room for some young talented players, Black, Carter, and rookie speedster safety Gabriel. :thup: