Étienne Boulay released by the Jets!!!

According to RDS:


He has 2 days to sign with another NFL team. if not, our defense just got a whole lot better!

Thank you, thank you! Because I guarantee you that Proulx will leave Friday's game with an injury of some kind. I'd rather our starting safety not be made of glass.


Unless he is resigned by the Jets, Etienne Boulay only option is to play for the Als; since he is not a free agent, he cannot" shop" himself around in the NFL. That is the agreement between the NFL and CFL; a player going into his option year can sign with a NFL team, during the off-season, but if he is released he has to come back to his CFL team. If he was a free agent he could do anything, including signing with another CFL team.

The last or best example was/is Chip Cox; when he was released by the Redskins last May-2007- he had to come/play with the Als; he became a free agent but signed a new contract in February.

Don't you think that Mr.Popp knew that he was going to be released soon? partially explain why Pascal Masson was "transferred" to practice squad. The other reason is that he is not good enough.

Boulay will be with the Als soon; he was too sure of himself. He is not a CFL all star,yet.


No, Boulay has time to find another NFL team. I thought he had 10 days instead of 2. It might be 2.

I believe he can sign with another team in the NFL....How long he has to do it is another matter

As per CJAD radio this morning
He has 2 days to clear wavers
10 days to sign with another team

We sure need him back. For today's game against the Lions, Proulx is the only safety listed on the depth chart, both Masson and Wright are inactive.

Quite the gamble with a guy who has a history of getting injured.....

I can't wait to see Boulay back in an Alouettes uniform.

First it's unfortunate that the CFL fans don't have exact information; it would be so simple for either Mr.Popp or Mr.Desjardins or someone from the CFL to tell us exactly what can happen. As I wrote yesterday, he cannot "shop" himself around,as long as he wants. From the latest information I have, yes he can sign with another team, but it has to be within 48 hours; in other words before noon tomorrow; if no "taker" then it's back to the Als or sit the rest of the season. He is not a free agent.

Second, he is no Deion Sanders; teams are not waiting to sign him; he is a good "salesman" but not "nécessairement" an excellent football player. It is the worst time to be released by a NFL team; training camps have begun/will begin this weekend and once a draft player is signed a player such as Etienne Boulay is released. No team can have more than 80 players signed. The Jets released Etienne yesterday, today they announce the signing of their first draft choice, Vernon Gheslton.-DE-from Ohio State

Yes Etienne is a good player but not a CFL star yet; if he was an import he would have been cut last year. He is a better "talker" than a player, at least at this stage. How often was he beaten by Terrence Edwards,last year, and for long gains or TD; he will/should get better. Yes, he is much better than Pascal Masson who made the team because of injuries to non-imports. Should remain on practice roster or be released once Boulay is back.


I didn't think Etienne was athat bad. A lot of people had trouble with Terrence Edwards, that's why he was #2 in receiving last season.

What I like, is how tough Boulay plays. A lot of times, he made the defender pay by catching the ball. Definately, a big hit can motivate the entire team, including the defense. I hope he comes back soon!

48 hours for wavers
10 days to shop

Etienne Who?