Etcheverry impressed most by Als defense

Want a case-closer? They are without QB Anthony Calvillo and head coach Marc Trestman. Along with division-mate Winnipeg, Montreal is either 6th, 7th, or 8th -- at or near the bottom -- of most every meaningful offensive statistical category. It leads the league at 25 in interceptions, when under Trestman, Calvillo was routinely at-or-below 10!

The only saving grace for the Alouettes is their defence. As stated here before, it is by far the most dominant unit (offence, defence, OR special teams) of any in the CFL this year, and they have played so throughout the chaos that has characterized this tumultuous, in many ways, non-sensical Montreal season. The Als defence can make the difference in any game.

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Another interesting bit in the last month (4 games) Montreal is the hottest team in the East
Montreal 3-1 : Saskatchewan,Edmonton,Hamilton
Hamilton 2-2 : Toronto, Toronto
Toronto 2-2 : Winnipeg, Edmonton

Most of that "article" was completely nonsensical. Trestman may have brought an NFL-style offense to the CFL, but he certainly adapted it to take advantage of CFL-specific rules (unlimited backfield motion, etc.). And how does he account for massive failures like Bart Andrus and Dan Hawkins?

I'm not sure what "CFL-style offense" he's referring to that ignores QB safety, but I doubt it exists outside his imagination...

From what I can read dink and dunk is American and airing the ball on deep routes with 4 and 5 receiver sets Canadian.

Except that the latter has become a staple of the NFL game, where (surprise!) Qbs are no more likely to stay healthy than up here. And since Trestman and Hufnagel came into the league, WC offenses have become standard in the CFL. So the distinction he's trying to make actually doesn't exist. A crappy offense is a crappy offense, that's all there is to it. You can run a bad offense airing it out or dinking and dunking....

I agree. I just quoted the part about the defense :lol:

I know, I know. :smiley: I was just taken aback to read that drivel coming from a former CFL DC. I guess there's a reason he's unemployed...

Je dirais un mélange de West Coast et de système Wilkinson.

Mais il est vrai qu'Etcheverry semble assez dans le champ sur l'attaque. Trestman s'est servi abondamment du mouvement avant remise ce qui signifie qu'il a nécessairement remanié son livre de jeux pour l'adapter à la LCF. D'ailleurs, Trestman a souvent parlé des possibilités offensives qu'offraient les règles de la LCF et qu'il ne pouvait exploiter dans la NFL.

Il est considere comme un des personnage les plus etrange et difficile a avoir travaille dans la ligue...

Absolutely. You can't run an NFL WC offense the same up here, no matter what anyone says. The rules and size of the field don't allow it.

I believe the real winner of today’s game was coach Austin who came into the second half with an offense that the Als famous blitz defense could not handle. Even in the first half I noticed that the TiCats had begun to engineer an offense that was prepared to stop the Als defense and it succeeded. The TiCats, especially in the second half, had a formation which generated quick QB action with short passes and, some runs. The QB had three options with every offensive play- one TiCat came from an end position while another came from the opposite side giving the QB play action with both and, and either a pass or QB run as the other elements of this offense.The Als were not successful with the blitz as much of the action took place near the center quickly against an offense that generated short passes, screens and a potential run by the backs or QB generally up the middle of the field. The TiCats, who were said to not posses much of a ground attack switched their focus as noted, and the Als blitz was not effective against this formation. The Als defenders were so vulnerable with plays up the middle. In one succession of plays, the Als responded with a focus in the middle but, play action took place and the QB was able to generate a long pass up the field, I’m not sure if this specific play resulted in a TD or not but, this was at least a very long gain.
In summary, the TiCats offense was played perfectly against Montreal’s famous blitz rending it ineffective. If my memory is correct, the Als blitz produced only one QB sack. Today, Austin played his offense brilliantly, taking away the power of the blitz, Our team could not contain the TiCat QB role in the second half and, Masoli, the TiCat third string QB had to be star of this game. Kudos to Kent Austin, clearly the winner of " the battle of the coaches".

Niagara, the Als gave up 20 points on defense, which also recorded a pick six. And that was Hamilton playing at home in a game they absolutely needed to win. I think the defense did fine. If the offense and special teams hadn't messed the bed repeatedly, we'd have won the game...

I agree DP, the one play that gave the win to the TiCats was Whytes first field goal that missed and resulted in a TD against us. Still we have to give credit where due- Austin called a great second half game which his second and third string QBs played into a win. Can we win two straight ?