Etcheverry à Montréal?

Certaines rumeurs envoient Gerry Etcheverry à Montréal en remplacement de Burke.

Ce ne sont que des rumeurs, mais je suis loin d'être certain que Popp et Trestman seraient vraiment intéressés par les services d'Etcheverry, et je suis aussi loin d'être certain qu'Etchevery voudrait travailler à Montréal.

Etcheverry a fait de belles choses avec la défensive des Roughriders mais elle a souvent manqué de constance. J'ai plutôt l'impression qu'il y aura une promotion à l'interne.

The org seems really high on Tim Tibesar. Etch would have to have a fantastic interview to get the job. We don't even know if Etch is on Trestman and Popp's radar.

C'est confirmé! Tim Tibesar est le nouvel coordonnateur défensif des Alouettes.


Yes, and interviews are about to commence for a new coach for the secondary. Hope Barron Miles is one to be interviewed, but that I guess will depend on his current contract status with BC, as it would be a lateral transfer.

Unless of course, we want to make him secondary coach and assistant to the assistant head coach, thereby disingenously rendering it a "promotion."

Excellent news about Tibesar. Trestman must think very highly of him to appoint him DC without canvassing for other candidates, and any coaching move that maintains continuity on a championship team is okay in my book. Tibesar is inheriting a very good defensive core, he knows the playbook, and now he has the freedom to put his stamp on the D by changing what he feels needs changing. :thup:


Oh, that's rich. :wink: