Estimate Ticat-Ar%o fan ratio

Hard to tell - though watching the camera guys in the stadium try to find shots of happy Argo fans in the 2nd half was fun - I would guess that about 35 to 40% were actually Cat fans. The Argo fans in the West stands were clearly outnumbered.

Looked at the article about the win on the TSN website and they mentioned more than half the fans were Ticats fans but not sure how they arrived at that number! Sure looked to be lots of them who made the trek to TO! :thup: :thup:

I was at the game and the visitors side was solidly Tiger cat fans and into both endzones. I would say the ratio was 50-50.

And I think we were louder.

Toronto - Wankersville.

A quick question for next year - yeah I know it's early but how fast can temporary stands be put up at the new THF. If the Ticats play the Argos either in the east semi or my hope the east final next year could they get the temps in in just a week or in two weeks or does anyone have any idea? Where would we allow, oops I mean, where could the Argo fans sit. They would be 24,500 plus Ticat fans so what and where could the Argo fans do or sit.

Think July with me now... "The defending Grey Cup champion Hamilton Tiger-Cats hoist banner raising ceremony at first regular season game at the new THF." Nice headline is you ask me.... then at the end of the season in November they win their first playoff game at THF to go and return to the 102 Grey Cup game...... Oh man this winning stuff feels so good!! Yes, I know they will have to play very, very well next week. And if you thought today was crazy as I did I can only imagine us hoisting and winning a Grey Cup game 72 was a long time ago.

Congrats to all my fellow Hamilton Tiger-Cat fans who have been the most loyal in the league over the last 14 years and to our great owner!

Well said rev! cue the wisers clap

See...that's a hard question, and that's because you KNEW where the Ti-Cat fans were. They were decked out in Black and Gold, loud and proud. That's not to say there wasn't sections of Argo fans, it's just large swaths were people decked out in no gear, some cheered, some didn't. Hard to say.

If going by color I'd say Hamilton 60/40
If going by cheers, I'd say Hamilton 65/35
If going by Hamilton fans being decked out and Argo fans not, probably Toronto 55/45

When the Ticats won, most of the Argos Fans left, and you could see all the Cats fans, they stayed and cheered. There were even pockets of Ticats Fans on the Argos side !!! I would say close to 20,000 :thup:

I was at the game.... and it seemed almost 50/50 to me... don't know.....BUT one thing I DO know...... WE WERE FRICKEN LOUDER!!! Nice "home game" win for our Cats!!

Even if it was 50/50 that means ONLY 17,700 Argo fans, and how many Argo fans showed up just because of the Ticat rivalry? It's a good thing for the Argos that they were playing Hamilton and not the Als or Bombers, they may have had one of them 15,000 playoff crowds.

mike, Torontonians didn't show up for their team because they were afraid of being mauled by the many Ticat fans that they knew would be coming and acting unruly. Scared p....less. :wink:

Earl, I don't think it was fear so much that kept the Toronto fans at home as much as it was the typical ambivalence that they have ALWAYS shown to their team.

I may be wrong on this, but I think the that blue team had been hearing for a better part of a week how Hamilton was buying up tickets to show up en mass to this game. Perhaps, that is why Marcus Ball got into such a rage as to why he could see no banners at the dome. The landlord, and even their own "fans", weren't being there for them as we were for the Tiger cats.

Just a theory.....

Just saying that tongue-in-cheek sort of thing old fan. I doubt many more would have been there from Argo nation if the Bombers or Als were playing, maybe even less.

Rogers wants them out of there and doesn't care about promoting the Argos, it's all about the Bills football wise that they have chosen to invest their dollars in. Their choice of course. My guess is Rogers will make a concerted effort to buy the Bills and move them to Toronto when they come up for sale. How successful they will be at that is anyone's guess.

I realized what you stated about the fear of the Argo fans, was tongue in cheek. I just think that they would not have been there, regardless of the circumstances.

The NFL does not allow corporate ownership, so unless someone like Larry Tanenbaum steps forward, a franchise there is just a pipedream. Besides, cities like Los Angeles would likely be further up the list than Toronto. And support for the current series of Bills games have been far from stellar. Even the Bills' players have complained loudly about playing there, even for the few games that have been scheduled.

I was there and like a few others pointed out it was hard to tell for a few reasons. Almost all of the cats fans that showed up were either in some sort of Ticats gear or at least wearing yellow so it was really easy to pick them out, they were also making a ton of noise but most Argo fans just blended in. If I had to put a number on it id say maybe 60 - 40 for the blue guys but it could of been a bit higher or lower it really was hard to tell.

Not sure on the ratio but the black and gold were definitely louder.

i was there id say it was 60-40 blue,,,but thats the loudest we have ever been,,,plus all the pre game bars etc were giving cat fans those little horns that helped,,,,my throat still sore from yelling , very theraputic by the way lol

I posted this comment another thread before I read this one, but here it is again: football reporter Dan Ralph's estimate:

"Much like Toronto's historic Grey Cup win, the atmosphere inside Rogers Centre on Sunday was electric — and loud as fans didn't waste any time getting into it well before the opening kickoff as horns blared loudly. Ticats supporters, who clearly outnumbered their Toronto counterparts, chanted their traditional "Argos Suck" refrain while the Double Blue faithful countered by yelling "Let's Go Argos."

This article from the Toronto Sun is very complimentary to the Ticats travelling support:

Beezer, "Tiger-Cats get huge support in Toronto during East final win "

I would have guessed 65/35 for the A*&^ fans. As we all noticed at the game, A*&*^ fans don't wear team gear like we do and so they just blend in. However, a close look at photos of the stands taken during the second half will reveal them as the ones sitting down or frowning. Or both.

Tiger-Cats get huge support in Toronto during East final win-Steve Buffery

[url=] ... -final-win[/url]

Even this is a glass half full story, it wasn't because of Ti-Cat support it was lack of Argo support.
Perhaps on the surface you could say that a crowd of 35,418 means that CFL football is alive and well in southern Ontario. But the reality is, the incredible turnout by Ticats fans at the Rogers Centre seems to confirm that the game is suffering big-time in Toronto, perhaps hitting a new low on Sunday. This is a football team with Ricky Ray and Chad Owens, the defending Grey Cup champions. And they got out-cheered at home during a playoff game.

Not only suffering, the Argos are in Toronto, soon to be extinct there in Toronto IMHO. Toronto won't "buy" as professional a star qb on their team making less money than a 4th line winger on the Florida Panthers or Nashville Predators.

It's about MONEY in Toronto, as sad as that is but that's all they basically care about there.

Chad Owens might as well be a high school player for many in Toronto.