Establish the Run!



The run is where we have had sucess. Lets use it. Toronto i believe does not handle the run very well. Run the ball and allow Chang to ease into the game.

Shorter routes to set up the run and a couple deeper routes from time to time.
You can't just come out and expect to have any chance at winning by running the ball 80 percent or more of the time. I don't think Jesse is 100 percent also and doubt he's as durable as a Charles Roberts.

That is what Steve Milton said
among other things, CFLIFER.

Chang Gets The Call Steve Milton

The Hamilton Spectator (Aug 30, 2007)

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Glad to see that Steve Milton and I are on the same page. Please pass the paper to Coach Taffe and Working.

if we would have stuck to the run, jason would be at the helm of a 5-3 team!

if the offensive line played better, if our dbs played better, if we had a rush, if we didn’t take stupid penalties!

the list goes on and on and on. the run is one of many things we don’t do well

Charles Roberts has about DOUBLE the carries that Jesse has this year.
Last game Roberts rushed for about 105 yards on 25 carries. If Lumsden is held to 4 yards or fewer on one carry the run is abandoned.
Winnipeg won the game, by the way.

Running the football does so much more for an offense than simply the yards gained. It keeps a defense honest. It keeps the OL involved and intense. It eats the clock for the defense.
Not running when your running game is struggling is a mistake.
Not running when your running game is the best in the league is stupidity.

I have been saying this all year, If Jesse gets 15-20 touches we win! Exactly as the first post said keep it simple stupid, running the ball puts the d line on their heels, gets the safty's creeping up a bit and in turn opens up a deep pass threat and a pass game for that matter. So very simple run the ball and win.

In all actuallity football is a simple game, pound the ball up the middle , mix it up with some sweeps and screen pass's then let your receivers fly and we will put a lot of points on the board, I really wish the coaches read some of these posts and think back to high school where everything was done the easy way by winning in the trenches, out muscleing your opponent and just plain beating them up.

Mr. Taffe and Mr. Working



The only way you can run effectively is if you can pass and show it. Hey, in the run happy NFL guess what, you need a passing game or else they'll just stack it up and you're running game will be shut down. Balance is the key or taking what the defense appears to be giving you and the players performing.
Yes, in high school you could just run or outmuscle the other team but not in the pros.

I guess someone should mention that Jesse looked fairly banged up last game. Was he up to carrying the ball more?

That is just it....we don't have balance and we DO run effectively! We do not run as much as most coaches deem necessary, yet our running has been extremely effective. Why do we avoid our best mode of attack? Imagine if we abandoned the pass everytime a pass was incomplete!!
Last game Jesse was banged up....but last game wasn't unique. He has HALF the carries of Roberts!! HALF!!!
If he is hurt, play Davis.

Chang should be able to establish the run quickly by throwing a bomb downfield, something Maas wasn't able to do effectively.

True---just as running tightens the defense, throwing deep....successful or not....can loosen them.
We have been missing this element.

Exactly,Jesse is banged up (?) so can Davis do it?

Also the Argos are no slouches against the run.
They added Belli to their D line to help against the run this year.

I think a roll out QB,with a moving pocket so to speak who can hit recievers on the run is what throws the Argos off mopre than anything .

AC is good at that against them.

The only way you can run effectively is if you can pass and show it.
Nonsense. You can be a run first team in the CFL. You can run to set up the pass, look at Baltimore/Montreal when they had Pringle. Everything stemmed from their great success on the ground.

Oh, and one more thing Earl: you mentioned a "take what the defence gives you" approach to offence. I say that's garbage. GARBAGE. That's a horrible way to play.

We should scare the living bejesus out of the other team. Make them afraid of us. Be it by running inside or outside. Throwing it long, short, medium, doesn't matter. Mix up formations or even throw some trick plays in; anything we can do to make them worry more about us. Make them adjust to our style of play.

If we had the attitude that we're going to be the aggressors and make them stop us, we'd be much better off than trying to take the 2 yard dump passes the defence "gives us" on 2nd and 10 type situations.