eSports, Really?

We keep discussing how teams like Schooners can not get a stadium built, and how big cities like Montreal and Toronto need new facilities

Then... this...

Apparently they are building a $500 Million eSports Stadium for Toronto's 2 teams (yes I had no idea we were fielding 2 teams who were playing out of Roy Thompson Hall before Covid happened)

I mean seriously
We know younger gen is into some weirder stuff but is there really that much money in watching someone play a video game???

I am just glad I got to live most of my life before this stuff.


There are a lot of people who are saying this and it is not just cranky old timers. The irony, to me anyway, is this world is turning out like some comedy sketch that SCTV used to make fun of. What is considered normal today is what we used to laugh at.

I still laugh because just like Texas is such a good example, what are all the snowflakes gonna do when the lights go out ? :laughing:

The roof of that esports complex looks like Darth Vader's helmet.


Apparently there's some government support for this facility but not for the CFL.

Is eSports not categorized as professional?

I wonder if back in the mid to late 19th century did people get up in arms about people playing baseball and getting paid for it never mind other sports later on. At one time these were just games too.

But this is my 15 year old is more into. During the Superbowl, Saturday night hockey etc...he would be gaming with his friends online and just pop down to check on game.

When the Jays had their playoff runs a few years back, we would all gather around to watch the game, cheer (or curse) as they progress.

Out teenager kids, niece, nephew, kids of friends??... barley registered what's going on.

The CFL isn't alone with the challenge of attracting the next generation of fans. E Sports shouldn't be dismissed as a competitor

I've watched competitive Starcraft II play in person in a stadium and it was thrilling. The players are this incredible combination of manual dexterity and strategic thinking and stone cold nerves - I'm in genuine awe of their abilities. I'm told League Of Legends and DOTA 2 are much the same thing but I never got into those two video games

As to why this is being built: Much like cannabis, a lot of e-sports is rich people setting money on fire because they don't know the space very well but are told it's the hot new thing. E-sports will live on, but also come crashing down to earth in the next ten years; I hope Toronto has plans for how to use this space if the team(s)/league goes bankrupt.

I would say I was one who was drawn into the ad that the CFL had with Clash Royale . Every game seem to have the same ad over and over again .

I am not a gamer but I downloaded and I became addicted to it .

Then after I also watched the best of the best play and it was amazing how quick and cerebral they played the game which in all parts was Rock Paper Scissors on steroids .

Now it held my attention for probably a half hour it never really had me coming back as it was more a curiosity to see the best play at that level .

Your right though the games require money to throw away because of the addiction to get more characters with tools especially if you did not have the patience to win them as it takes so long of a time to play to acquire the gems to purchase those weapons .

The addiction to the games is incredible though . The creators know what they are doing .

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Yeah, that was the draw for me as well - I am a beginner/amateur at Starcraft II but knew enough to be amazed by what the top level talent in the game could do.

There's a lot of thought and energy put into how to structure the early minutes of a video game to suck the player in; it's a serious win-or-lose moment and there's a lot of money on the line.

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Remember this movie?

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I like video games I really do
But the entire eSport concept is wacko to me

I know even things like TSN have dedicated pages to it and I am just like why

BTW @K-Max
I act re-watched that movie fairly recently
Beyond the fact it did not age well at all I was kinda surprised just how mean spirited and negative it feels. Its honestly just cruel which is surprising for a kids advertisement... I mean movie...

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I prefer "Pinball Wizard" by The Who and pinball games over video games everyday of the week and twice on Sundays


I just want to take trip with the acid queen.

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...I want to hear more about bigfoot

What do you wanna hear?

would that be the 13 inch bakers foot?

Watching a live action hockey game I get, but watching someone play a video game on a screen makes zero sense to me.


It is Surprising but there is people becoming millionaires on Youtube with their game channels .

We were watching a young couple with a pet and travel channel wondering how did this young guy obtain so much stuff including a house with just this content alone .

They are a nice couple and It is well done has about 700k in subscribers and one can make a decent buck by just that .


Ends up the guy has a subscriber base of over 8 million combined on his gaming channels TmarTn2 and 1 watching him play games like Batman .Valheim etc ..... .

Watching someone play a video game is like watching them do a crossword puzzle or a jigsaw puzzle or play a pinball game or read a book. If you really want to watch someone do this, isn't it because you want to do it yourself AND CAN. Not many of us can play hockey like Connor McDavid, carry a football like Andrew Harris, hit a golf ball like Tiger or drive in an Indy 500. That's why we watch those sports.....The Mario Cart groupies don't compare.


Totally agree .

But several times I watched the NFL and NHL without fans with the new tech and all that ad glare coming at you and I swear it looked exactly like I was watching a video game from the odd camera angles .

The new simulation sports games are freaky realistic at times .

well, it cant be much worse than watching people play poker, darts, billiards, etc

maybe they should start having half time and post time e sports on stadium big screens.

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