ESPN's stake in TSN up for sale ?

They won't disappear but I think they will be sold off. Disney is horny to get a stake of Netflix and Netflix is horny for Disney's content. That's going to take a lot of money. Netflix is worth close to 50 billion, This would make the purchase of Netflix 10 times the cost of the biggest purchase Disney's ever made.

Wouldn't it be funny if Rogers bought ESPN from Disney :slight_smile:

Tuesday an online rating service spelled out exactly just how disastrous that fallout is just in the last month. According to, the world’s premier global cable and satellite sports television channel, ESPN, lost a stunning 422,000 viewing homes between February and March 2017. Fox Sports 1 didn’t fare very well either losing 77,000 homes.

You seem to making an argument for Disney ditching ESPN. Still don't see why ESPN would sell its stake in TSN.

Disney will sell to anyone or takers at a hug discount. Its killing their bottom line and stock price…

ESPN owns numerous properties. If things get that bad, they could easily sell off one or more of them before TSN.

The number of 77,000 lost by FS1 is not accurate. That amount refers to Fox Sports Deportes. FS1 dropped 545,000 subscribers. Take those numbers and ESPN's amounts in context with total cable dropped which was a -349,000.

ESPN does air their own commercials in CFL broadcasts. On ESPN3 replays, there are however times when there are no commercials during the later stages of a game. When that happens, a scrolling message appears that says the event is on a commercial break.

CFL to ESPN was never an experiment. The league to them has always been only filler material during the slow summer months. Once September begins, all the focus is the NCAA and NFL. Here are the ratings for games shown on ESPN2 during 2016 that I previously posted. The biggest ratings were around the end of June.

Thursday 06/30/16 - CANADIAN FTBL LEAGUE L - OTTAWA/MONTREAL - ESPN2 - 7:00 PM 10:27 PM - 257 - 112
Thursday 07/07/16 - CANADIAN FTBL LEAGUE L - WINNIPEG/HAMILTON - ESPN2 - 7:00 PM 10:08 PM - 233 - 102
Thursday 06/30/16 - CANADIAN FTBL LEAGUE L - TORONTO/SASKATCHEWAN - ESPN2 - 10:27 PM 1:07 AM - 223 - 102
Friday 06/24/16 - CANADIAN FTBL LEAGUE L - MONTREAL/WINNIPEG pre delay - ESPN2 - 8:30 PM 9:38 PM - 221 - 107
Saturday 06/25/16 - CANADIAN FTBL LEAGUE L - CALGARY/BC - ESPN2 - 10:15 PM 1:00 AM - 193 - 88
Friday 06/24/16 - CANADIAN FTBL LEAGUE L - MONTREAL/WINNIPEG postdelay - ESPN2 - 10:00 PM 12:40 AM - 185 - 98
Saturday 06/25/16 - CANADIAN FTBL LEAGUE L - OTTAWA/EDMONTON overtime - ESPN2 10:00 PM 10:15 PM - 178 - 79
Thursday 08/04/16 - CANADIAN FTBL LEAGUE L - SASKATCHEWAN/CALGARY - ESPN2 - 10:00 PM 12:57 AM - 176 - 71
Thursday 08/04/16 - CANADIAN FTBL LEAGUE L - BC/MONTREAL - ESPN2 - 7:00 PM 10:00 PM - 175 - 63
Thursday 07/07/16 - CANADIAN FTBL LEAGUE L - TORONTO/BC - ESPN2 - 10:08 PM 1:00 AM - 169 - 83
Friday 07/01/16 - CANADIAN FTBL LEAGUE L - WINNIPEG/CALGARY - ESPN2 - 10:00 PM 1:06 AM - 151 - 77
Monday 07/25/16 - CANADIAN FTBL LEAGUE L - MONTREAL/TORONTO - ESPN2 - 7:30 PM 10:37 PM - 148 - 64
Sunday 11/27/16 - CANADIAN FTBL LEAGUE L - CALGARY/OTTAWA - ESPN2 - 6:30 PM 10:38 PM - 126 - 46
Friday 07/29/16 - CANADIAN FTBL LEAGUE L - BC/CALGARY part 2 - ESPN2 - 10:26 PM 1:30 AM - 136 - 62
Friday 07/08/16 - CANADIAN FTBL LEAGUE L - SASKATCHEWAN/EDMONTON - ESPN2 - 10:00 PM 1:19 AM - 131 - 55
Thursday 07/28/16 - CANADIAN FTBL LEAGUE L - WINNIPEG/EDMONTON - ESPN2 - 9:04 PM 12:33 AM - 127 - 57
Thursday 08/25/16 - CANADIAN FTBL LEAGUE L - BC/OTTAWA - ESPN2 - 7:30 PM 10:28 PM - 112 - 49
Thursday 08/11/16 - CANADIAN FTBL LEAGUE L - MONTREAL/EDMONTON - ESPN2 - 9:00 PM 12:14 AM - 112 - 44
Friday 07/29/16 - CANADIAN FTBL LEAGUE L - BC/CALGARY part 1 - ESPN2 - 10:00 PM 10:26 PM - 93 - 32
Sunday 11/13/16 - CANADIAN FTBL LEAGUE L - EDMONTON/HAMILTON - ESPN2 - 1:00 PM 4:04 PM - 78
Friday 08/26/16 - CANADIAN FTBL LEAGUE L - SASKATCHEWAN/EDMONTON - ESPN2 - 10:00 PM 1:03 AM - 53 - 20*

*Game was not on the 2016 schedule listed by the league.

That’s where it is going. That makes it a real possibility that ESPN is parted out by Disney or even by the eventual buyer. A company like FOX for example that has not been successful with their Specialty Sports channel historically has had little interest in the Canadian or European market.

ESPN has a 20% voting share and a 30% equity share of TSN, both are below CRTC’s threshold for advance approval of change in ownership or control. The 20% voting limitation is because ESPN is foreign, that could go up if a Canadian(s) buy ESPN’s share.

Not so simple. ESPN is controlled by an 80/20 joint-venture of Disney and Hearst. The TSN shares aren’t owned directly by Disney but by ESPN. Breaking-up ESPN, would require re-organizing the joint-venture with Hearst first or in simultaneous, multiple transactions.

This is where the CBC should step in, and solidify a great Canadian sport, certain things are worth government support

How would CBC purchasing the ESPN stake in TSN solidify the CFL?
ESPN is apparently looking at financial realignment, not TSN; no danger of TSN dropping CFL.

That would not even be possible.

Bell - CTV owns 80 %. CTV will not be in partnership with their prime competition.

CBC Sports at this point should not even exist.

Between TSN and Rogers, CBC should not be involved in sports.

This is Canada. We do not need 3 sports outlets.
2 can cover all sports. Also drop poker and billiards.
Those are not sports they should be on A&E.

They have to go out of their way to find something to air.
If they grabbed the few sports CBC shows ( horse jumping, skiing , swimming ) they could fill their spots.

It's a safe bet I will be watching the games almost entirely once again in the US on pirate feeds like I have since 2010. Part of that reality is because since 2008, I have never paid extra for ESPN and all those channels (or for a few games in 2011, NBCSN) even when I did have it. Before too long after the glitches are worked out, I'll probably sign up for one of the new services like Sling or Sony Vue though.

Disney WILL BASICALLY GIVE ESPN AWAY free. Deep red hole that has no bottom

While ESPN is a big target and easy to pick on, I suspect the vast majority of broadcasters involved in big-time sports in America overspent on acquiring the rights and are losing money on their respective contracts. Not just national ones either. Local or regional sports networks purchased exclusive rights for big money even though the numbers they projected were inaccurate and now do not cover expenses.

Right on as viewing habits, including viewing demographics, had changed for good by 2010 as otherwise the cable, satellite, and telco retained old marketing and pricing models with bundles and contracts and the like. In my view greed got the best of them.

If they and the networks had only made their pricing models simpler and included more of what subscribers actually want to watch per package, they still would have retained a great profit and made up the subscriber base, which drifted in millions to pirate feeds and pirate content on demand for whatever, in volume. But no, they just had to push the envelope for over $150 per month, as most households either cannot afford or do not want to pay just to watch a few channels, for their core offerings with more channels and options than any one household cares to have.

These days one should have zero remorse for these firms and screw them for their greed too, but at least new options for skinny bundles have come around at last instead of bloated bundles for hundreds of dollars with mostly BS on them.

But I thought ESPN was included in basic cable/satelite in most regions? I had DIRECTV and ESPN was on basic and then I ditched DIRECTV and now have Century Link Prism TV and it includes ESPN. It’s a pretty basic package.
It allows me to watch the streamed CFL games on ESPN3.

Yes but there is even a more stripped-down cable bundle did you know? As for DirecTV, they are cheaper and include ESPN if you have the option for a satellite dish as many do not have easily.

The only amounts I have paid for cable TV whenever I have had it since 2008 were for the most basic bundle that merely includes fewer channels and not ESPN and many of the others in the bundles. Otherwise I had all those channels for free, or I did not bother and used a digital antenna to get most of the channels in the most basic bundle, or like now due to the hilly topography where I live, I pay for the most basic bundle because the digital antenna does not work.

Then I just watch whatever else via the internet whenever I want for no additional charge.