ESPN's stake in TSN up for sale ?

With ESPN bleeding money and losing up to 10 000 subscribers a day and bleeding Disney, will ESPN sell chunks like TSN ?

Once a sports powerhouse, ESPN has gone from must-see-TV for millions of sports fans to a financial boondoggle for owner Disney with the network losing up to 10,000 subscribers a day, reports said last month.

“A floundering ESPN, with rising costs and declining viewership, continued to sink Disney’s DIS, +0.24% financial results during its fiscal first quarter,? reported.

With ESPN dragging on the company, Disney’s revenue fell 3 percent, and its profits sank 14 percent, the financial site reported.

If ESPN sells their stake in TSN, hopefully it wouldn't effect the broadcast of CFL games, all games are streamed on ESPN3 but only a few are actually televised on ESPN2.
If subscribers are ditching ESPN, that would mean they are losing viewers on ESPN & ESPN2.
I would imagine that internet streaming channels like ESPN3 will continue and grow as more people are ditching cable/satelite and streaming programming.
If the ESPN stake is bought by Rogers there could be a few problems................. :frowning:

Wow. This is reaching.

Wow that’s a solid argument. LMAO

Last year Disney told ESPN to cut 100 million dollars off the payroll. That ended up being 4 percent of their workforce = 300 employees got their walking papers.

This time Disney told ESPN to cut 250 million dollars ! So based on last year’s numbers they would need to cut roughly 750 employees.

Then add to that investors demanding Disney dumps ESPN

RBC analyst Steven Cahall said in a report Monday that Disney's poor 2016 on Wall Street "indicates prolonged discomfort around ESPN." Cahall noted that Disney could be better off without sports programming since it does not fit as strategically with Disney's other key assets. That's because ESPN is a sore spot for investors nervous about lower ratings for pro football, higher costs for sports programming in general and the rise of cable cord cutting that's led to a loss in subscribers -- especially younger ones. Disney is also in a unique position in the media world, which could make it vulnerable to pressure from larger shareholders if ESPN continues to struggle. It is not run by a family with a big ownership stake. That makes it an easier target for an activist than Fox (FOXF) and News Corp (NWSA). -- which are controlled by Rupert Murdoch and his sons Lachlan and James -- or Sumner and Shari Redstone-owned CBS (CBS) and Viacom (VIAB). And the media business is rapidly consolidating. Telecom giant AT&T (T, Tech30) has announced plans to buy Time Warner (TWX) -- the owner of CNN, Warner Bros. and HBO. Comcast (CMCSA), which already owns NBCUniversal, bought Disney's cartoon rival DreamWorks Animation earlier this year. That means Disney might want to make some more moves of its own to keep investors happy. Related: Why Disney should buy Netflix instead of Twitter Getting rid of ESPN could give Disney the flexibility to pull a Tigger and pounce. (That's what Tiggers do best.) Cahall noted that there has been a lot of speculation about Disney buying Netflix (NFLX, Tech30), for example. He pointed out that even privately held toymaker Lego has also been a rumored target over the past few years. (Everything is awesome when you're part of Disney?) Some investors have wondered if Disney might want to buy struggling social media firm Twitter (TWTR, Tech30) as well -- although that deal seems less likely if Disney were to dump ESPN since Twitter has been livestreaming more sports events lately. Disney was not immediately available for comment. But as long as ESPN keeps losing viewers, then Disney stock is not going to be the happiest place on Earth for shareholders.
So I'm not sure what you call reach ? Disney could ditch ESPN in whole or in chunks and Rogers grabbing a piece of TSN would be a smart strategic moved for them.

I wonder if CBC would be a potential player in TSN

They would need to come up with some cash. Where would they get it ? They run on an operational budget. They have no access to private financing.

Or could Bell simply increase their stake?

It would be more likely than Rogers buying ESPN's share. Plus I doubt the CRTC would be too trilled with the later

Yes, but the latter might be good for the CFL. :slight_smile:

My guess, BCE buys up the rest - assuming it is for sale.

I find it highly unlikely as Rogers Sportsnet and CBC Sports have a working partnership.

Yes and highly unlikely, TSN owned by CTV and CBC a rival.

With TSN losing subscribers and Rogers having the rights to MLB & the NHL, let’s hope that the plug is not pulled on TSN. Would hate to see just the one sports network in Canada.

TSN is Canada's leading and most profitable specialty network. TSN has the most viewers in every demographic in Canada. I highly doubt TSN will go out of business any more than CTV or Bell will shutter their operations. Bell holds the majority of shares in TSN and would never approve the sale of ESPN's stake to Rogers or any other competitor.

The CRTC must approve any ownership changes to Canadian media outlets and it's highly doubtful they would allow cross ownership from another Canadian sports channel.

If ESPN is bleeding money, their shares in TSN are their one bright spot and profit centre. It's unlikely they would sell their TSN stake unless ESPN is holding a fire sale and going out of business.

The most viewers? how do you figure that one out, do you have a link?
Rogers Sportsnet broadcasts over 160 Jays games, the games in the second half of the season were averaging 800k and the playoffs peaked at 5 million viewers.
I would think that Rogers Sportsnet has the most viewers in Canada.

The other option would be for Rogers to buy TSN and then add it as another one of their channels – Sportsnet 180 or something.

That`s because they keep costs in line.

Hope you`re right.

Too funny :rockin: :smiley:

It is very possible that it is more profitable for Disney to sell ESPN and its TSN shares separately depending on who is interested in buying ESPN if any.

It's also possible the earth is hit by a meteor and explodes, thus ruining the ESPN, Disney, TSN, CTV and the CFL :roll:

I guess with that AccessMedia guy gone, someone had to fill the void and start posting completely made up rumors.

Sure its completely crazy to think that a company that's lost 300 million of its valuation in a market that has grown by over three trillion dollars may do some restructuring.... :slight_smile:

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RBC, Forbes, saying Disney should get out of ESPN and use the money to purchase a stake in Netflix makes no sense to those scratching jock itch, nope, nope.....

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ESPN misjudged the CFL experiment. ESPN did nothing really to promote the league, yet they had games approaching 250,000 up until labour day. They never had their own panel on a summer time game of the week or try to sell their own advertisements or truly market the CFL in the US using the NCAA players here. They gave the CFL nothing, spent nothing and looked upon the CFL as filler material but noticed they could draw viewers.
If ESPN disappears they have earned it.