ESPN's play of the Week

I have 2 satelitte dishes, 1 American and the crappy Bell Expressvu (Canadian)

Anyways, I was watching ESPN this morning, and they had the top 10 plays of the week, in sports. And Dominic Dorsey's 127 yard miss field goal made number 3.

Thought that was pretty cool to see our league recognized by the Americans

They were showing that on the TV's in Vegas.


I know when my girlfriend went to Vegas in June, she said she saw Avon Cobourne's missed FG return in pre-season against Toronto as well.

ESPN often includes highlights from the CFL...with clips from the Div. Finals and GC on their sports shows. Their website covers CFL issues also. One week last year both football columnists, Pasqualli and Clayton had full columns about the CFL. They also had a poll asking if Damon should be inducted into the Pro Football Hall. 70% of thousands of voters said Yes!

I go to ESPN's website all the time, but I never see anything about the CFL. Guess I'm not looking in the right spots.

I thought they all thought the CFL was a joke, and said Damon shouldn't be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame...?

I was watching my favorite show except for CFL games lol, The Best Damn Sports Show Period. They had the top 100 football hits. I knew they werent going to show any CFL, and they didnt... I was hoping they'd show this:

OUCH! :o

I was dissapointed that I couldn't bet on CFL in Vegas.

What sportsbook were you at?