ESPN's Chris Berman on Ti-Cats TV Panel at THF

With their move into a new stadium Monday that Cats are also launching Ti-Cats TV Live and their special guest panelist in the stadium Monday will be ESPN's biggest CFL fan - Chris Berman.

Check out who else is on the panel !

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Wonder how they got him to do it? I know he likes the CFL but...

John Saunders and Berman have been great . Good to see them enjoying the game !

I saw it, as well.

"It's an honour (annunciating "nour")..."

  • Chris Berman

Yea the two best - Black and Berman together at last................ :roll:

Great to see them at the game..... remember next week the CFL game on Sunday will be on ABC/ESPN sports. Winnipeg vs Saskatchewan at IGF Field.

Both games next Sunday will be televised on ESPN Channels. Ti-Cats game at 1PM will be on ESPN NEWS and at 4PM Winnipeg and Saskatchewan will be on ESPN prime channel.

The Winnipeg game is a virtual sellout with just singles left. A perfect game to show case the league.

John Saunders and Chris Berman on Ti-Cats TV Live on our new 3400 sq. ft. HD video board from today's game

Hopefully we can actually watch this new episode on TiCats TV

It would be great if he would show at least part of it on his show.

I enjoyed when both were in the booth. Boomer was certainly more entertaining than Black.

I turned off the stereo and actually listened to the game for that. He wasn't familiar with player names and still did a better job on play by play than Black. At least Forde was smart enough to recognize he was out classed and kept his mouth shut.

Can't argue with that assessment. :lol:

LMAO, yep that is a pairing I never thought I'd ever hear. Black should quit while he is a head. At least Forde as mentioned didn't talk too much while Chris was there.

Looks like a billionaire is able to get Chris to attend, I wonder how he did it????

That's one the of the things I like about Chris Berman. He is the only American on ESPN that gives the CFL the respect it deserves.

Why does anyone care that Berman came to the game.... Is it because he is an Ameican? What is wrong with Canadians?.. If he actually has any pull at ESPN, he'll probably advise them against showing CFL games after the abortion he witnessed today.

Guy enjoys the Canadian game, has spoken in Winnipeg and him and Stegal hit it off. Not like he is some pretender. He also has a audience of Hundreds of Millions of people. He is a friend of our game and don't be so cranky .... lighten up !

Saunders is Smooooth , wow !