ESPN's Chris Berman joins Ticats TV Live on Labour Day

You do know that Saunders is a Canadian?

I remember him from Moncton (early in his career). I recall once he didn't realize he was on camera and he kinda stood up and adjusted his pants before his going on air.

Here's some truth for you. Why are your posts written as if you're a child and why do you keep hitting the return key to break up the paragraph? You're not writing poetry, or to be honest, anything close to a coherent sentence.

Sander’s is Both he has Dual Citizenship
But he lives in the USA so My Statement is correct

So here's the actual story:

Jim Lawson who is serving as Chairman of the CFL Board of Governors, and is one of the CFL's better acquisitions in recent years, became friends with Chris Berman in college many years ago. Jim played hockey and Chris was the college radio station's play-by-play guy for the University's hockey games.

So when Jim's daughter Brodie got the gig as TicatsTV host for the panel at THF Jim reaches out to his buddy Chris and asks a favour - would he come up and participate in Brodie's first TicatsTV at THF panel?

Chris being a really decent human being (I got to spend some time with him Monday and can vouch for that) couldn't refuse, and voila - ESPN's Chris Boomer Berman, aka The Swami, takes in his very first CFL game in Hamilton watching the Ticats demolish the Argos in "our new digs".

John Saunders, ESPN's top College football host, whose grandparents are from Hamilton, came because Chris asked him to come. When you meet these guys you understand both why they are successful, and how ESPN's success is a result of recognizing their talent.


Saunders called some of the very first Raptors games with Leo Rautins on the New VR. Mind=blown.

p.s. yer football team sucks

Who cares if he has dual citizenship? He grew up in Canada (spent his summers in Hamilton with his grandparents), started his broadcasting career in Canada, and just happens to work for an American network. He might not know all the current players in the CFL (although he knows a lot of them from the NCAA), but he knows the CFL. He doesn’t have “a lot to learn”.
So no, your statement is not correct. None of it is.


By the way, the best thing from Ticats TV Live was Marwan's answer to what he wanted to see in the second half:

"More fights." :lol:

He needs to read these forums more then .. :lol: