ESPN's Chris Berman joins Ticats TV Live on Labour Day

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One of the world's most famous broadcasters will join the Ticats TV LIVE panel at the Inaugural Game at Tim Hortons Field!

Cool. Always liked him. :slight_smile:

Great news for fans attending Monday and future games the Tiger-Cats Pre-Game Show on the big video Screen, great way to visually get in the game, find out whats going on with the team, players, coaches, stats and so on and certainly just another reason for fans to attend a game live rather watch on TV, they get it all in their new digs.

I'm a fan of Chris Berman as well on the ESPN NFL Countdown and it's great he'll be joining us in Hamilton to be part of the inaugural opening of Tim Horton's Field on Labour Day Monday.


I think that it's a reciprocal agreement. Rod Black has been invited to ESPN to do a Monday night football game, they want a Canadian perspective to an NFL. I guess we get the best NFL guy and they get the best CFL broadcster.......... :roll:

Poor Rod Black. Such a nice man.

You know, this might sound crazy...and it probably does, but perhaps ESPN like TSN is looking for more content and want to build that bridge a bit more. They might be saying "We know we can get better numbers in the summer with CFL Football then what we're getting from regurgitating draft/trade speculation stuff and Baseball/Soccer."

When you add in the fact that ESPN has also lost NASCAR next year you ain"t crazy!

For those like me who were at the game - you likely missed this - Chris Berman and John Saunders doing a little play-by-play on TSN at yesterday's game. I love Berman's call when the Argo receiver looks like he batted down a pass intended to him.

Berman is not play by Play Guy He’s a Host of a Sports Show
Saunders dose us Collage ball so pretty up to date on those guys
But as knowing the Canadian game They have a lot to learn.

Hey Robofan209 do you ever have anything positive to say, maybe you should try, makes for a much better life when your not so negative ALL the time!

what you see is Negative I see as truth at least when comes to this Topic .
They are American Broadcasters who have learn the CFL Game
Berman is great Guy and I am very glad got a Education in the CFL Game
He been Pied Piper for years for the CFL.
Now He go back and Spread the Word more on His ESPN Show
I hope he comes back every year now and learns a little more each time he comes.
He still has lot to learn about the CFL game
That not Negative it the truth Rose colour Glasses don’t change that Mr13th man

Berman doesn't have a lot to learn... its not like hes moving here and taking a CFL job. He knew some, now he knows a bit more.

It was awesome seeing them at THF, they seemed very genuine and I think Boomer really enjoyed himself.

Yeah Berman is cool and promoting the CFL, recognizing the league is a credit to the man. I thought the “rouge” comment was funny when he was commenting on tsn with Rod Black.

And he actually did a good job of play-by-play considering he didn't really know any of the players' names. Even the real play-by-play guys who do every game have cheat sheets for that.

Agreed, better than Rod Black.

I can say this but Black was better at Play by play Then Berman

But cause Berman has never did it before

Berman is a TV host very good Good one

Berman has done play by play on a couple of Monday Night Football games, when they've had the Week 1 MNF double-headers the last few years. He knows what he's doing.

FYI Robo - Jerkfaceloser is right. Although Berman is best known now as a host of the NFL studio shows he actually has done a fair bit of play-by-play for ESPN over his entire career. He used to do a lot of baseball. It was him and Buck Martinez doing the play-by-play of the game when Cal Ripken Jr broke the record for most consecutive games played. The fact that the two of them said absolutely nothing for about 3 or 4 minutes while the crowd and players stood and cheered mid-game and Ripken did a victory lap around Camden Yards was noted ironically as one of the best performances in sports announcing that year. Best performance by knowing enough to shut-up.

And as mentioned a couple of times he was the play-by-play guy for the second game of a Monday Night Football doubleheader to kick off the ESPN NFL season.

So he - like John Saunders - although both being best known as studio hosts - they do have play-by-play experience.