Stadiums pipe in crowd noise and TSN can enhance sound too and turn up the volume if they want to add drama and noise.
You were probably right that there were no complaints two weeks ago when Winnipeg beat Sask because it wasn't televised.
I don't think anyone really cares about the fans or atmosphere or whether or not the game was sold out, that's all irrelevant unless you are actually at the game live. On TV it's all about the play on the field.

Getting back to the OPs original statement - ESPN2 has added Edm at Winnipeg Friday, no it's the ONLY CFL game this week.

A fair comparison would be inviting people over for a lavish catered dinner party at your new multi-million dollar mansion
(Stadium)and then serving them Swanson T.V. Dinners for the main course.I'm sure that having a former NFL "Super Star"
Q.B. in Max Hall :roll: will no doubt increase the ratings 10 fold.Plain and's akin to Jaguars vs Browns in primetime.It doesn't matter a lick where the games played or how nice the stadium's the quality of the product on the field that SELLS the game.You can dress a pig up in a tux and send him off to the ball........but at the end of the's still a pig.Now with that being said,let's hope these two pigs don't embarrass us to much and hopefully DON'T enhance the CFL's image of minor league in the U.S!! Enjoy the game Kasps!!!....Let's hope for the leagues state that the people tuning in south of the border can,will,hopefully,enjoy it as well. :cowboy:

Well..... the league had to put up with Hamilton's magical 1 - 17 season and managed to survive. We have doubled that total :smiley: I think we will be ok !

Yes that's true but we are talking about games being televised in the US. Not about the league putting up with Hamilton or TSN coverage in Canada.
I understand that they can't pick and choose, it's just plain bad luck that the games being shown in the US are the worst games that the CFL could possibly broadcast. And my point is WHY in one month would they only broadcast FOUR games and THREE involved Winnipeg???

That Cat team(and I use the term loosely)was GOD AWFUL!!! :oops: :cry: I personally wouldn't have shown them on T.V. in Canada,let alone the States :thdn: :thdn: But you are right,the B.B's with their 2 wins are 100% better than that team was.We were a fluke O.T. win that year to being the CFL's answer to the 0-16 NFL Lions.The B.B.'s still have a shot at the Cat season of "97" (2-16),but being optimistic here,if you can pull off a win tonight the worst you can be is tied with Cats of "07" and "08" at a solid 3-15.Who knows???the B.B.'s might even make it to 4-14 like the "06" Cats did,or perish the thought could get HOT and match the Cats of "05" and end up a solid 5-13 :roll: :thup: Here's hoping something crazy happens tonight and the B.B.'s actually play some competitive,exciting competent football for a change.....I wouldn't bet on it.....but ya never know :roll: .....Ah Well!!!!As the saying goes,There's always next year!! :cowboy: :slight_smile:

2003 CATS.....1-17 :oops: :oops: :cry: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

TICATS ON T.V. IN 2003???????? :oops: :oops: :oops: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

THAN 1-17,GO B.B.'s GO!!! :wink: :wink: :lol: :slight_smile: :cowboy: :thup:

I could have sworn this wasnt on the schedule when it was announced at the start of the season?

Yes, it is the last game on ESPN2 according to their schedule:

For being the two worst teams, it was a very entertaining game for ESPN2. They may put more Friday night games after this one.

Can't beat the excitement a very good game and with overtime.

Canada is such a pathetic
Like why does everyone care so much what Americans think of our "minor league football."
Who cares what one of the most ignorant countries in the world thinks about us? I sure don't.
The CFL will never receive TV revenues from the US and realizes this. The CFL has stated in the past that showing games in the US is sheerly for recruitment purposes, and allowing friends and family to see the American players play.
I get more embarrassed to see crappy football games, because I remember back in the early 90s how much more exciting the games used to be. It almost seems like most of the games are based on blooper ball, and completely decided on who makes the fewest mistakes. There is virtually no stategy anymore. Since the SMS came into effect, the quality of play has gone down substancialy. Probably, because every team cuts half of their vetran players every year because of the SMS

Yes, I have to admit it was a great game!! My complaints about the ESPN2 and NBCSN is that there are too few games and 3 out of 4 games this month have involved the Bombers.

it was a very entertaining game considering their records, hopefully ESPN2 numbers are decent.

Unless the league is getting some cash for the rights or perhaps can sign a deal for decent revenue, who gives a rats rectum.

It tends to be easier to get a deal for decent revenue if you’re getting good numbers.

With ESPN adding this game to their schedule (it was reported they were only televising July games) obviously they were happy with the product and ratings (347,000 average for the opener) and they see the CFL as a viable option. CFL games in the U.S. often draw higher ratings than MLS, including drawing 103,000 viewers (average audience over 186 minutes) on NBC-SN for the Tuesday Argo game. :thup:

Don't forget ESPN is a part owner of TSN.
So hopefully this is not a freebie, the league deserves to get some decent cash.
Especially if the other joke leagues like MLS who draw flies are getting something.