wow, the numbers during July must have persuaded ESPN2 to carry more CFL games for us
down in the States, would like to see more

That they're carrying more games is great news. That they're carrying the two worst teams in the league is maybe not so great.

Hopefully they can put on a good game.

YIKES!!!! Kinda like putting the Jacksonville Jaguars vs Cleveland Browns on Monday Night Football...ESPN2 just might cancel their contract after this "CLASSIC"Toilet Bowl between these two "POWER" House teams. :thdn: :oops:

Maybe Max Hall can channel his inner Joey Elliott and put up MOP numbers for one game. One can only hope.

One more scary thought. Anybody know for sure where Murray Clarke is working this weekend? :roll:

The CFL ratings were terrific on ESPN2, with 347,000 viewers (average over 3 hours) for one game and averaging 265,000 for the series of games. It only makes sense they would want to show more CFL games. The 103,000 viewers on NBC-SN game for the Argos Tuesday game was excellent also.

Super! I'll tell my American followers on Twitter...

FIRST THE "BANJO BOWL" :lol: :lol: NOW THE "TOILET BOWL" :lol: :lol: :rockin: :rockin: :wink: :cowboy:

This is an odd game for ESPN2 to pickup, especially going head-to-head against a NCAA football game on ESPN?

We really have not heard whether the league is actually getting any US money for the rights, or is this a loss leader.
With the decent ratings, maybe at the end of the year it might be time to negotiate with one or maybe several different carriers for some decent change.

The strange thing is that its the ONLY CFL game scheduled this week and according to my guide on DIRECTV it's been scheduled for weeks it's not a last minute pick up. Last week NBCSN didn't broadcast one CFL game.
The next CFL game scheduled down here is on NBCSN and that is only one game next week BC at Winnipeg on the 27th of September. The last CFL game broadcast on NBCSN or ESPN2 was the Tuesday Labour Day, that's only 3 games between the 2nd of Sept and the 27th of Sept.

From a revenue and a fan base perspective, a consitent TV package for US viewers is a great way to go.

Agreed, if they had one but they don't. It's not consistent at all. 3 games in four weeks and 2 games involving Winnipeg.
Great showcase for our CFL QBs.

Yup. Consistency is what the league needs to grow the fan base and expose the game to more players and coaches. People need to reliably know when and where they can watch a game. ESPN3 has been great the last few years. That needs to continue in conjunction with games on other networks.

THE "BAG" BOWL!!!!!!! :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:[1].jpg?imgmax=800

A brand new stadium with over 30 k in it, beats showing a game from Guelph or Toronto.. At least they will take our league serious.

A brand new stadium with over 30 k in it, beats showing a game from Guelph or Toronto.. At least they will take our league serious.

They’ll take it seriously if the football is good. Nobody cares how many people are watching a stinker.

I have to agree with you on that,kasps,the stadium is very impressive indeed and will definetly come off as impressive for the as for the product on the field.........well,we can only hope on that one.Jaguars at Browns is the NFL's answer to the B.B.'s and ESKS this year,of that,I don't think there is an argument.Guelph,by the way is the only reason that the Cats don't have any home games on Friday Night Football this year,and no home games beamed into the States at all this season.

But ESPN3 is NOT TV coverage, it's on-line streaming only available if your internet provider carries ESPN3 and if your download speed is capable of streaming at 1.5mpbs
When you log on to ESPN3, you see a list of internet providers. The biggest providers like Century link which is linked to DIRECTV is not listed. ESPN 1 OR 2 is available on all basic cable/satellite, NBCSN is only available if you upgrade from the basic to the Xtra package.

Last week the only game shown in the US was the mistake filled, penalty filled Edmonton/Winnipeg game where the QBs looked like they didn't want to be there. It's too bad that the Ticat/Stamps game was not shown and the Sask/Argo game was not shown. The only game to be shown this week is AGAIN Edmonton and Winnipeg :thdn: The only game next weekend is BC at Winnipeg (again) and the game will be on tape delay at 11PM - Friday. That's 3 weeks in a row showing Winnipeg as the ONLY CFL game. I would be surprised if ratings are mediocre at best for NBCSN or ESPN.

Four CFL games shown in the US in September - THREE were Winnipeg games???? the CFL ratings will be going downhill fast after showing Winnipeg every week.

Any hope of gaining any type of traction in the U.S. is showing games where the fans are loud, atmosphere.and Winnipeg Saskatchewan had that in spades and it’s big league. You can get a awful game between two good teams as well, there are no guarantees. I agree it would even be better if Winnipeg would play better. I’m sure there were no complaints when WPG beat SK 2 weeks ago in a sold out IGF. Sorry but showing games in Mon, Tor or Guelph would do nothing to help the CFL’s image of minor league in the U.S!