ESPN2 schedule so far for 2015

US fans take note; here's the ESPN2 schedule so far (Jun/Jul):

Thu Jun 25 - 7:30 ET - Ott/Mtl
Fri Jun 26 - 9:00 ET - Ham/Cgy
Sat Jun 27 - 8:00 ET - Wpg/Sask
Thu Jul 2 - 8:30 ET - Ham/Wpg
Fri Jul 3 - 7:30 ET - Cgy/Mtl
Thu Jul 9 - 9:00 ET - Ott/Edm
Fri Jul 10 - 7:00 ET - Mtl/Wpg
Thu Jul 30 - 8:30 ET - BC/Wpg
Fri Jul 31 - 9:00 ET - Sask/Edm

Toronto not featured in any games.

All other games presumably online on ESPN3, although as of yet only the Jun 27 game between Edm/Tor is listed. No word on preseason yet. We do know that TSN is committed to the Ft. McMurray game so that one will likely be on ESPN3 but not guarenteed.

Wow, that is pretty good if true. Usually, it is the other way around. ESPN2 shows maybe 1 (and sometimes not even live), while ESPN3 has the other 3 games for the week.

It does not matter to me either way as I rather watch the games on-demand & after-the-fact just so I can skip all the extras.

The fan base for CFL continued to expand during the season last year which is what ESPN was watching. ESPN is probably working with TSN as to coverage for ESPN3 and the balance of the season for ESPN and ESPN2. They will probably not stream all the games on ESPN3 that are broadcast on ESPN2. The fan base should expand even more since all the ESPN2 games will be available for the Sport Lounges. More games, more fans, more commercials, more revenue, more TV money for CFL contract.

I am more realistic. If there are more games on ESPN2, the reason is either a better financial incentive for Disney, an experiment to see if they can get a bigger audience, and/or that ESPN has no better programming at the time. Once NCAA college football starts, I seriously doubt there will be 3 live CFL games a week on tv. Streamed: yes. TV: No way.

ESPN just rebroadcasts the TSN feed, so ESPN basically does nothing except air their own commercials during the games. Having a game only listed only on ESPN2 does not mean it will not be streamed live. Subscribers on certain pay-tv providers can view live streams of the ESPN family of channels. I also would expect the replay of ESPN2 games as usual to appear on ESPN3 within an hour or so after the game ends.

This is a huge step forward for the league. Having multiple CFL game broadcast live each week on ESPN2 is a major coup. Perhaps the Argo and other games will be shown on ESPN? Sure, ESPN may switch over to NCAA in the autumn (and perhaps only show Thursday or Sunday CFL games) but for two months or more the CFL is the King of football in North America! :thup:

I'm just blown away by the fact that today is not June 24.. To have the schedule out more than a full month in advance is a huuuuge step for the CFL.. This is almost run like a pro league

I'm just blown away by the fact that today is not June 24.. To have the schedule out more than a full month in advance is a huuuuge step for the CFL.. This is almost run like a pro league

No , ESPN3 is an on-line stream where you can watch all CFL games on the internet, as long as you are a subscriber to an internet provider that carries ESPN3. If your provider is Century Link, one of the biggest intenet providers out there, you don't get ESPN3
ESPN2 - is cable or sattelite TV only. Last year ESPN2 carried most games in June/July during the NFL/NCAA off season but when the NCAA and NFL started up, very few CFLgames were broadcast and some were tape delay.

I wonder why everyone is so surprised? it's the same as last years 2014 schedule, the same months June/July and the same number of games

I have TimeWarner and the WatchESPN app and as long as you subscribe to ESPN2 through your cable you can watch ESPN2 on the app, unless it's blacked out. So you can watch the ESPN2 games online along with the ESPN3 games. Might not be the same for all cable providers though.

And you're right, they do carry most of the TV games early on when the other football hasn't started yet. Don't forget they are committed to show the Grey Cup and the division finals on ESPN2.

Let's also not forget that last year was the first in almost 20 years that the main ESPN network showed a few CFL games live. I suspect we will see up to five CFL games shown live on ESPN again this year.

I recall the announcement by CFL and ESPN last year, and it was suggested that ESPN would be doing more to promote their CFL telecasts. I’m still hoping more comes of this as it would be great for the league to generate some revenue from this deal when it’s renewed in 4 years time. More revenue would help boost player salaries.

No, this is at least the 3rd year, there were games on the main ESPN in 2013 too.

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Sorry Slimjim - ArgoRavi is right. There were not any games on the main ESPN network in 2013. Even the link you provide does not say anything about games on the main ESPN network in 2013.

Last year the July 31st Ti-Cats game that was supposed to be at THF was going to be the first CFL game in years on the main ESPN network but got dropped when the game got shifted to Mac.

I'm happy that this year I will be able to get every game, even the games on ESPN2 since I have the SLINGTV package that streams ESPN, ESPN2, CNN, HBO, and a bunch of unwatchable crap for ~$30 a month, in addition to ESPN3 I already get (SLINGTV is ~$15/month without HBO). This is exactly what I have been waiting for while not paying $130+ a month to Comcast for a TV package.

I have to agree that actually having a schedule out a month before the season starts is a big first step towards a higher profile for the league on TV. Now they just have be consistent over several seasons. Maybe I'll actually be able to catch a game in a pub this year.

If your provider supports Watch ESPN, then you can get access to the live channels. So, I believe there is three levels. First one is you ISP does not want to pay ESPN to give users access to ESPN3. This is mostly with smaller ISP's. Second choice is users get ESPN3 but not the live tv channels. Third one is your ISP gives you access to ESPN3 and the live channels you pay for on your tv bill with them.

With ESPN streams, you do not need a dedicated app as you can just sign into with a computer that supports flash. One thing I like about ESPN3 is that you are not restricted to only your residence if you want to watch a stream.

ESPN3 is both live and archived streams. You can get it through any ISP that subscribes to it and you don't need cable TV to get it. ESPN and ESPN2 require a TV subscription UNLESS you use SLINGTV, which is actually a DirectTV product that anybody can use regardless of ISP or TV subscription. It costs $15 month. Apple also has a similarly priced product for iOS devices, but if you use a desktop or laptop computer you'll want to go with SLINGTV.

So, if you can't get ESPN3 because your ISP doesn't subscribe, and you still really want to watch a few CFL games and you don't have cable TV, then you can pay the $15 (no contract) for the couple months that ESPN2 has games and then cancel with no hassle. It's all done on-line.

1st great to see that ESPN is showing 3 of the 4 opening weekend games (all 3 in prime time) followed by the next couple of weeks of the two prime time Thur and FRI games.

2nd is my opinion here in regards to using the TSN feed. TSN does the same thing with ESPN programming such as NFL Monday Night Football among others. Being that Bell 80% and ESPN inc 20% owned TSN. Having TSN and ESPN look very similar or exact in presentation so they can share programing.

3rd whether it is experimental for ESPN to show so many games early or not it is not a bad thing. That is also of my own opinion.

I agree 100%.
In my own opinion there are a lot of familiar names from NCAA and NFL both Import and Canadian. In an era with mass amount of NCAA games shown via the larger amount of sports networks. That is what originally hooked my in the 80's.
From the major Networks through ESPN networks, variety of conference Networks, through to ESPN3/Watch ESPN digital broadcasts.
Airways are being blasted with AFL games now, CFL will add summer months of football content as mentioned.
Hooking smaller college student bodies when the semester starts to see former and alumni classmates. Could/Should draw a lot more eyes to see stars as Bo Levi, Zac Collaros, Mike Reilly and on down the line. Especially a college student body that is up with hitting WatchESPN app with quick access of any sport they want.

But Pat, in 2013 not only was the main ESPN network showing games (6 or so in June/July) but there were quite a few games on NBC Sportsnet in the later half of the year. The two networks were sharing CFL games that year, but NBC dropped the CFL games after the 2013 season, I assume for low ratings.

Love the spin slim, nice try. First off those games were on ESPN2 NOT ESPN. Second off, CFL ratings were equal if not better than MLS on NBCSN. CFL went with ESPN networks in 2014, to get more exposure than they would get from NBCSN.