ESPN networks to deliver full slate of 2022 CFL action

I think Jeff Hamilton or someone similar (media type) mentioned that he expected the CFL to sign a deal reportedly worth between 600 to 800k with ESPN until 2026.

If that's the best the ESPN can do for the CFL. Time to partner up with a streaming platform

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I wouldn’t be surprised if the CFL got Genius to stream eventually


Just want to make sure I can see the games here in the US. The rights bounced around a bit when I was younger, but have been on ESPN+ (maybe ESPN3 before that) for several years now. Just don’t want to go back to the old days of just a handful of summer games on ESPN, then nothing until the Grey Cup!


Last year they made the announcement a couple of days before the season started. Hopefully they don't do the same thing next year.

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I remember this too well.

I've posted my experience attempting to watch the CFL in the US on one of the messages in this forum.

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