I've been informed that the ESPN Mike & Mike Show had a segment today on the CFL and the GC. Maybe a good sign toward the upcoming ESPN coverage of playoffs and GC and next year televised games on ESPN.

A couple weeks back it was reported that Commissioner Cohon had a meeting with ESPN and TSN to map out a strategy to promote the CFL in the U.S. It was said they came up with some "exciting" plans for the next 4 years (the length of the current TV contract with ESPN.) :thup:

I sure hope that ESPN showing more televised games is part of it. I am getting tired of lugging my laptop to our local lounge so we can watch the CFL on just two TVs thru ESPN3.

Just back from my Chicago sports weekend trip.

I was SHOCKED as I scrolled through the channels when I got back to my hotel and found the Riders/Esks game on!

Of the three remaining games two will be televised, Hamilton and Montreal on ESPN, and the GC on ESPN2. The Calgary and Edmonton will be on ESPN3.

Bad choice for ESPN.. Calgary is the only team in the CFL that could present any kind of professionalism... The Ticats /Als match will be amateurism at its finest.. If even one of the QBs throws for 200 yards, and more than one TD, it will be a minor miracle.

Bungle, you've had too many drinks at this point to come across intelligible, even to me. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Earl, over the years I learned when you are pursuing a new project you look for the positives, ignore the negatives. Negatives over time have a tendency to work out to become positives with the proper effort.
Over this year we have watched most of the CFL games and have discussed the positive aspects of the game, teams and fans, to date we have not been disappointed. We started with a "group" of 4 and now have expanded to a group of 52. As we travel across the US, which we do quite often, we individually introduced the CFL to many football fans and numerous Sports Lounges. Our concept is don't watch and compare NFL to CFL, enjoy the game based on the rules of each.
As to ESPN televising the Hamilton game, ESPN planned to televise at least one CFL game from the new THF this year and what could be better than a playoff game.
Don't get me wrong, we are still NCAA and NFL fans but we are also now CFL fans. Not having a "favorite" team at this point has really helped in expanding our knowledge and understanding of the game. Also, the friendly attitude of all the Canadian fans answering our questions has been unsurpassed in overall support to us. For this effort we Thank the CFl fan base.

Well here's hoping the on field product will be better the last 2 weeks than some of hor-awful (mixture of horrible and awful) games that has been turned out this season. The battle of the backups or watching a much too old Kevin Glenn miss wide open receivers by 5 yards over their heads was not exactly the best thing to showcase the league (...not to mention the weak crowds at both games...)

The whole thing that you are missing is that you used to be able to compare the CFL to the NFL and the CFL had a far far superior product.. It was not until 7-8 years ago that they were even comparable... Now the NFL has a far superior product over the CFL.. There are far fewer penalties and more big plays.. The CFL has de-evolved into the crap we seen in Edmonton, where you can cough the ball up 6 times and still not be hurt by it.. It takes a fluke punt return in the first half to beat you. I got the feeling that no one could string together a non penalty aided, Non kick return aided TD drive if they played another 4 quarters.

:roll: face palm

This is interesting that the promotion of the CFL made it on Mike & Mike in the midst of the NFL season. Mike and Mike are many years past their peak popularity about 2006 or so, but they are still a popular morning sports radio show.

For example, they pulled them off morning sports radio here in Tampa Bay two years ago. I would not be upset but now we are down to only one decent morning sports radio show in Tampa Bay, so I guess it's time to break out the internet-based radio gear.

Most folks I know under a certain age can't stand Mike and Mike any more or have never heard of them, but no matter they have an audience and bring millions into ESPN and this sort of publicity is good.

To Mr. Bungle's point as expressed in excellent fashion below, I wish too that the quality of play were better such as like back in the 2009 and 2010 seasons.

Ottawa will come around as will the new crop of early starter or backup QBs with plenty of development and training in the offseason.

And for those who think most NFL QBs could play well in the CFL, I composed this post before the season started and stand by it after review right now some updating at the top too.

Read from the bottom up some excellent discussion in the offseason in particular if you are new the CFL and also an NFL fan:


Being able to openly express our individual thoughts and feelings is a great right and I acknowledge and accept your commentary without acceptance or rebuttal, except to note that as I stated in an earlier Post our concept is to not compare the NFL and CFL in any way including player ability over which we have no control as to what team they are paid to play for.

Her is hoping that actual cash is involved and not the continuous freebies.

Having access to the T&C for both the ESPN and TSN contracts with the CFL would provide very interesting reading.
ESPN's contract value has never been published. ESPN current contract for NFL Monday Night Football, which is the highest rated show on cable TV, is worth $!.9 Billion per year to the NFL. Under the right circumstances ESPN has the funding to pay the CFL a fair and reasonable fee.

I don't know if you follow NCAA football at all but if you do you will understand my frustration with my three Alma Maters-Penn State (BS Chem Eng),University of Tennessee (BS Nuclear Eng) and University of Southern California (MBA) and the problems with each football program over the last few years.

I'd hate to clear the room, but I wonder where this leaves US expansion.

Now, before you pound your fist into the keyboard in response,

*ESPN is taking a liking to the CFL and they probably need more content.
*Apparently the CFL gets ownership groups every year showing interest in expanding the league south of the border.
*The National/Import rule can be solved by requiring a state or local quota
*Instead of expanding by 8 teams which happens every time a new league starts, they can expand by 2.
*Robert Wetenhall is a big fan of the idea
*It did work in one US city, due to great ownership

I personally think the only reason it hasn't been done again is because CFL fans are so opposed to it due to it's complete failure in the 90's (which was largely due to rushed deployment by CFL head office).

I have never heard of this, is this just an opinion being spun as a fact, or is there a source?

I personally would love more teams, but as this season has shown us, expansion has it's downsides.

It was in Border Wars. I recommend you read it. You can pick it up at the local library if you're cheap like me.

Be careful with the National/Import rule, US Federal Labor Law supercedes any and all State or Local Laws in conflict with the Fed. Would be doable but will be very controversial.