ESPN main network to broadcast 2014 Eastern Final!

ESPN has confirmed their CFL playoff broadcast schedule, with the Eastern Final being broadcast live on the main ESPN network across the U.S. The 102nd Grey Cup will be broadcast live on ESPN2, along with the Western Semi-Final.

The CFL, TSN and ESPN held meetings last week to map a U.S. broadcast strategy over the next 4 years. It was reported they’ve developed some “exciting” plans to boost the CFL’s presence in the U.S. The recent Friday Night Football game at Tim Hortons Field versus Ottawa drew 313,000 on ESPN2.


Sun. Nov 16 1:00 pm Fourth place in West Division vs. Second place in East Division ESPN3
Sun. Nov 16 4:30 pm Third place in West Divsion vs. Second place in West Division ESPN2


Sun. Nov 23 1:00 pm Winner of East Semi-Final vs. First Place in East Division ESPN
Sun. Nov 23 4:30 pm Winner of West Semi-Final vs. Calgary Stampeders ESPN 3

102nd GREY CUP - Vancouver, BC
Sun. Nov 30 6:00 pm Winner of East Final vs.Winner of West Final ESPN2


Well why not? It will be an epic game between Hamilton and Montreal with the winner going on to win the Grey Cup!


Well the game will go head to jead against the NFL, so not many people in the US will see it.

I hope the East will be as much of a shootout the West has all of the makings to be.

With 2 strong defenses on the field, our US friends will more likely be treated to a hockey-game score. Exciting, eh?

Thats awesome to hear nice to see ESPN hasn't just forgot the CFL exists once the NFL season starts, the playoffs on ESPN and ESPN 2, is great news!

They had 100,000 viewers up against opening day NFL in the states. Id say thats pretty dam impressive for a league that has no american teams

Yep, the CFL Friday game drew over 300,000 viewers in the U.S, going up against a full-slate of college games. ESPN would draw more viewers showing Friday or Saturday CFL games, instead of Sunday afternoon against the NFL. I guess ESPN has to televise something up against NFL Sunday, so why not a football game? :wink:

The CFL could schedule Sunday and Monday night games in July and August, which might help fill a football void in the summer with both ESPN and TSN. Yes, CFL Monday Night Football! Then the CFL could revert to a traditional Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday schedule after Labour Day.

Why would they take the east final when the west will feature 2 of the top 3 teams in the league? I hope it's a good game at least. It is nice to see they are carrying one game on the main network and 3 of the 5 on the cable channels. Good for the league and fingers crossed all the games are tight exciting games that sell the game.

Didn't the Argos play a game on a Monday or Tuesday afternoon (not a holiday)? I couldn't figure that one out.

CFL Monday Night Football could be H U G E down here. Not sure how well it would be received in Canada, but I suspect it would grow on people, especially if it was a hit down South.