ESPN+ down?

I have been having problems with ESPN+ lately, and today it looks like it’s down. Anyone knows what’s going on?


No idea, buddy. Sorry. :slight_smile:

Espn+ ticks me off.

They already charge us extra for Espn3, then this year they hide most of that content behind an additional pay wall?

BS. I’m cutting the cord right after FB season.

Wish I could do the same but they are my only option to watch CFL games


Issue is probably device or app related. I watched the game last night, and it seemed normal except for the fact the app was not automatically logging in.

I think you are right, I'm going to investigate

Thanks, Marc..

I suddenly lost the Comcast internet connection just as the game was about to start >:-( I had to log on with my phone for the first half hour or so until I finally rebooted the Xfinity router. It then came back on about five minutes after the router did.