ESPN Classic CFL Football - Hamilton at Toronto 1987, 1990

A couple of great games are being replayed on ESPN CLASSIC TV

Tuesday, May 1st at 7:00 pm. Hamilton at Toronto 1987- ESPNC TV

Tuesday, May 1st at 9:00 pm. Hamilton at Toronto 1990 - ESPNC TV

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7:00 PM Classic CFL Football: Hamilton @ Toronto (August 21, 1987)
9:00 PM Classic CFL Football: Hamilton @ Toronto (Sept 29, 1990)

I would've posted these games if I knew people were interested. I just started getting ESPN classic and I thought these games were on all the time. Check out their schedule often, I've watched some great games from the 90s and they tend to play doubleheaders of a certain team. Last Tuesday was ottawa. I've been looking forward to hamiltons night. I guess I'll have to stay up and watch the reruns since I'll be at limeridge.

I will be at Limeridge for 6:00, then straight home to catch the games :thup:

Does anyone really need to see Tom Porras playing quarterback again?

YUP !! Dieing for some CFL/TICATS football :rockin:

Porras was way underrated. When he came in he usually got the job done. Should have been a starter.