ESPN clasics Canada is run by complete E-tards!

I just turned on the t.v and saw there was an old CFL game on so I'm watching then the score comes up, 44-3! Now why the hell would they show a blow out on this station, there are so many great labourday matches they could be showing, but instead they show this garbage. Everyone that works for them should be fired, that station is a joke, every time they show a CFL game it's always the same nonsence.

if I am a fan of the team and players that scored the 44, I want to see it.

What really s.u.c.k.s (besides the moron that censored s.u.c.k.s) is

  1. they call games from only 2 yr ago classics. I am not interested in 2 yr old games. I want to see long since retired favorites from 90, 80, and 70s.

  2. they seem to mostly just show games from 87 to 90 as well as very recent games and they keep showing the same ones over again.

This is not what I paid for. :x

However, a chance to see Doug flutie, or Mervyn Fernandez, or the Pinball, or Earl Winfield and others at their best, mopping the floor with the other team. Yeah, I wanna watch that :thup:

Yeah I'd love to see a game where Hamilton beats Toronto 44-3, but it's not good business for them to be showing these bunk games. I want to see shoot outs, there are plenty of great games yet they seem to pick the dullest ones they can find, they put no effort into it. I want to see the 94 west final, 96 regular season game between Toronto and Hamilton that ended 37-36, Flutie vs Dunigan and I want to see the American teams again.

I have noticed this, too, ever since the "classic" station began. I'm guessing that TSN (which owns most of ESPNC) never archived tapes of most games it telecast after acquiring CFL rights in 1987. So it ends up showing the same boring Sask-Ott game from 1990 over and over.

I assume that CBC and CTV (the latter of which was a rights-holder until 1987) also have pitifully small full-game archives. My own 20-year collection is probably much more extensive than anything the nets have.

By the way, Drexl, as a habitual taper I'm just about positive that the Dunigan-Flutie matchup you refer to (season opener in 1996, actually 38-36 Hamilton if memory serves) was never televised in the first place (!) so a classic rebroadcast of it would be impossible.

TSN is also starting to put NFL ads in their CFL game, which is worrying me.

I didnt see any???

They totally had an ad for Pitts-Miami during tonight's game, which BTW, is on Thursday for all you "stick with Friday, Saturday games" lovers.

which BTW, is no Thursday for all you "stick with Friday, Saturday games" lovers.

sry, the word I was looking for is "on" :oops:

ticats lost 48-0, which is horrible

unless your an Argo fan.

Yeah, I guess they did a poor job of archiving. But it still doesn't make any sence why they would archive some of the games they have shown.

I agree. The CFL classics they show are not classics. I scratch my head everytime I check out the station.

Show old Grey Cup games from the 50's and 60's or something. Years ago leading up to the Grey Cup the CBC had a week long special showing an old Grey Cup game every night.

If you don't have the the royalty or whatever and use the old films. Otherwise don't call the show CFL classics.

Sometimes they show games where CFL records are broken , but this weeks classics were just stupid.

I mean , come on? Surly they could have shown some closer games from LABOUR DAY. BORING!

They do a better job with the GREY CUP and play offs!

Is that the game that the RoughRiders won? :lol: :twisted:

Ya, I like the old Grey Cup Games played on CBC and TSN during Grey Cup week better. Ah, good ol' memories of '89.