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I thought the TiCats moved the Labour Day Classic to 6 pm from 1pm so the game will be in prime Time on ESPN in the USA but that game is not even listed on the broadcast schedule, and we are only having 2 games and the Argos Suck 5, WTH

Caretaker can you provide any feedback on this matter , is it that TiCats TV will be streaming the game so we dont need ESPN or has the person creating the schedule made an error ? Really wanna know as i loved the 1 pm kickoff for years :rockin:

After August 25th there is only one more game televised on ESPN, that’s the same as last year.

All the other games are “streamed” on the internet thru ESPN3
The Labour Day game is listed on TSN’s schedule at 6PM

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No - it was moved to prime time to try to draw more viewers for the game on TSN up here in Canada.

A couple of years previously when the game was held in the early evening the game has attracted close to 1,000,000 viewers. But the 1:00PM starts (mornings out west) and with so many others doing other things on the last day of summer vacation - the ratings have struggled. Last year only 559,000 viewers for the Labour Day game. 200,000 fewer viewers than the western game (Esks-Stamps).

It also gets the game away from the same time slot as a Jays - Yankees game at 1:00PM on Labour Day. With the Jays routinely drawing 1,000,000+ for games like that - I think it is a good move for the league to shift to the later start time - even if not all that popular a move with some fans going to the game.

OK makes sense ty for the clarification