ESPN...carrying Labour Day classic

...with the interest in Pacman signing on with the BigBlue it appears they'll be broadcasting the game.... :roll: I thought tsn held exclusive rights....can someone confirm... :roll:

pfft screw espn. If they didn't want a part in the CFL before, they don't get it now.

the game probably will not be on ESPN but will be on shown on ESPN 360 as many games already are. ESPN has a college game scheduled at that time and they certainly won't drop a college game to show the bombers v riders, pacman or not. Unless there is a different version of ESPN in canada than here in the US like with ESPN classics, not gonna happen.

Pretty sure ESPN has some sort of partnership with this doesn't surprise me

ESPN and TSN share a common owner. Although I'd be surprised it would be on the main channel. Perhaps the Deuce?

Should've been on the Ocho.