ESPN Canadian Broadcaster John Saunders Dies

Sad news today for anybody who has watched a lot of sports television including NCAA football games on ABC.

Canadian broadcaster - long time ESPN host - John Saunders - who joined Chris Berman at the the first Ti-Cats game played at Tim Hortons Field here in Hamilton - has died at age 61.

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An emotional Hannah Storm making the announcement on ESPN this morning

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Sad to hear. Great promoter of football on both sides of the border.

He and Berman, could give alot of people living in this country a lesson on appreciating whatever game of football you have, whether it be NFL, CFL or college.


Of course you would go there... :roll:

What do you mean?
They are not releasing a cause of death, but are saying he died unexpectedly. Like I honestly have no idea who the guy is. I have never heard of him until today

Well it wasn't a suicide btw.

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He apparently suffered from depression, but this had nothing to do with his death.

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