ESKS WIN!!!!!!

Wow what a game.

I think it's the best one i've seen in my life because it had it all. I was glued to my tv by second half and every play was exciting.

But we have to give it to Montreal they played amazing all game and i thought we would lose so many times but i stuck with it great job by both teams what an amazing game!

p.s. i'm going nuts right now.

the best game ever, kudos to montreal, its too bad someone had top lose and i mean that but if it has to be them.........

Congtrat's on the win Edmonton...and thanks for the show...I'm 49 years old and have never seen a game like this one ...WOW....the Ricky Ray/Anthony Callvio show and what a show... kudos to Montreal....But how sweet it is

I do not want to hear another word about the 89 cup being the greatest. This one topped it hands down.

By far the best one ever....Edmonton 2005 Grey cup Champs

It literally brought tears to my eyes having to see a very great football team lose and another one win. Montreal just came up short (3 points) in the end. Special Teams, Offence, and Defence, of both teams put up a terrific show. I seen the bluebombers and the Lions go head-to-head during the regular season of 97, which i thought, was the greatest game ever played. "Astonishing game Montreal", My hats' off to you all!!!!!