Esks win Kevin Elliot sweepstakes

injuries are the biggest problem…that and of those injured… the bench cannot come close to the next man up scenario…VERY FEW teams can make that saying look viable…however i do agreethathaving a banshee on the sidelines as a head coach is not a good thing

The question I have, if the Cats have talked to him and he has turned them down, why don't we
know about it? Why hasn't there been any news out there on this?
If he was available other CFL teams would have taken a shot at him by now.
My feeling is he wants big bucks and the other teams can't afford him.
He is willing to wait for the Spring league, where he can get more exposure to the NFL.

The thing I don't understand is that the Cats "can" pay him the big bucks because of all
the players on the injury list.(not counted on the salary cap)
But I think they don't think they need him that bad and that's what pisses me off!!!!!!

I’m sorry GOTC1, but I really don’t understand why you think Sinkfield is just sitting, waiting to return to Hamilton, and go back to being a receiver after a two year hiatus? And the reason that this is not happening is because the Cats are too incompetent to pick up a phone and contact his agent?

Wouldn’t the agent make the call? Isn’t that his job? It just seems to be all so hypothetical and strange wishful thinking.

The question is has anyone directly asked Tillman or Jones?

Good Question. How about an answer? Look into it. I’d like to know.

Incompetent you say. Are you happy with that? I'm not. This could cost us a G.C. who knows.

I imagine the team hasn’t made an announcement because there’s nothing to announce.

Possible phone conversation between Tillman and agent:

Tillman: We’d love to have him back as a receiver. We’re thinking of $x per year for two or three years, plus incentives. How does that sound?

Agent: Thanks Eric. We’re looking at a variety of options. We’re not in any hurry. We’ll consider it, and get back to you later if we want to pursue it further. Have a nice day.

Tillman: OK, thanks. You too.

Doesn’t make for much of a press release.

How about renting S.J. Green … $35,000. for the rest of this season?

Sounds like they want to unload his contract. Wouldn't cost much to get him.

He's too tall though.

No Hawaii connection is huge

Took a head hit in BC. Any concussion problems?

I understand that SJ Green really likes Hawaiian Punch and his favourite singerwas the lateDon Ho . Green loves pineapple and tiny bubbles in his wine . He sure sounds like an “Hawaiiphile” to me .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Plus one of his buddies went on vacation there once. Better tell June about it. ;D