Esks win Kevin Elliot sweepstakes

Hey Ticats…

  1. Yes, another quality receiver gone now, while Tillman sits and twiddles his thumbs !! ::slight_smile: :-[

This organization is a real joke now !! :wink: ::slight_smile: :wink: They are definitely asleep at the switch :wink: :slight_smile:

Wait till Gerbear sees this latest move…he will be livid !!

Plan the parade, Esks fans.

Elliot is not going to make the Cats better. Hey guys time for a new joke.

CAL passing on him, even in their desperate state, says everything you need to know.
Gonna go ahead and trust their judgement.

So now we can snap up Alan- Michael Cash.

Kevin Elliott certainly is if anything else a popular fella seeing as the Esks are now his 5th stop in the last two years . Yup , certainly making the rounds with only Calgary , Saskatchewan , Winnipeg and Montreal left for the complete circuit and tour of the entire league . If I didn’t know any better I’d think his last name was perhaps Glenn instead of Elliott . ;D

I agree that the Cats have been asleep on the WR replacement front, but Kevin Elliott would not be anywhere near my top choice, and for that matter, neither would Chad the china doll Owens

Kevin Elliott ;D

Depth player at best.

I’m waiting on the announcement that Sinkfield has been hired. waiting,waiting,waiting,waiting etc,etc

Amen, brother

is Sinkfield in tech support??

Maas fires special teams coach = diversion. Maas signs Kevin Elliot = diversion.
The coach who hears everything is using the Pumpkin Face to the South’s approach to misdirection.

It can’t be my fault for this mess, so let’s move on to door number 3 . The ultimate conspiracy clue is in the form of a question . Which southern political party’s mascot is an elephant ? So Maas is simply following the Elephant Playbook . The Esk fans are going to feel like they’re following the elephant in a parade . Watch your step ! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Pat Lynch (the old guy who is not a big Jason Maas fan)

The Esks winning the Kevin Elliott sweepstakes is akin to winning $5.00 on a $3.00 scratch ticket .
Now if yer talking about winning the jackpot only one word comes to mind…Sinkfield !!!

There has to be other players out there we can sign, besides the retreads…this is where the GM earns his salary.

I highly doubt that this late in the season with only 4 games to go that the team will bring in anybody at this juncture . My guess is that if Toliver is a no go this week that McDaniel gets the call against Toronto and possibly beyond depending on how banged up Toliver is .

IF Speedy goes down before the end of the season, we don’t have anyone of his caliber
to replace him. That’s why we need to have a speedy receiver like Sinkfeild just incase
of that happening.

Honest question. Do you really think the Ticats front office hasn't been in touch with Sinkfield or his people?

I’m sure they have. And I hope he comes here. Thing is though, it takes two to make a deal. He has to be willing to return to the CFL, interested in coming here, agreeable to whatever contract we offer, and find it preferable to whatever other options are before him, in any football league or in any other career. I’d love to see him here, but I’m not holding my breath.