Esks win cross-over convincingly.

throwing games? please explain

BUt more often than not a team with a worse record makes the playoffs while a team with a better record doesnt! and no whining there!

Look at MBL this year
And the NFL last year
And NHL last year

1999 I dont remember who Edm played against, but if that team would have won...The 4th place team in the east would have crossed over to the west and Edm would have been out. Low and behold that team put their 2rd and 3rd stringers on the field and deliberately lost to keep the east out of the western playoffs, and extend Edmontons playoff streak

what about them? MLB has three division winners and a wild card. Sometimes one of those division winners has a less than stellar record, but at least they have the wildcard spot, making sure the best team not to win a division gets in

and what about the NFL and NHL? they have three divisions in each confrence. the "crossover" happens within the confrence.
you are about the only one I have ever heard arguing against the crossover. you are a lonely island in a sea of people thinking the opposite way you do. plus your idea will never happen. the CFL will never get rid of the crossover. you have a bad arguement that you will never win. for once, I'm actually on the right side of an arguement, backed by 99 per cent of the people.

ro1313, the cross-over is a fact and I don't hear any Argo or Ti-Cat fans whining about it. Mostly just Alouette fans. :wink:

How about if the CFL eliminates the crossover and makes a winning record a condition for making the playoffs? All NHL, MLB and NFL playoff have winning records.

...kinda like what most playoff-bound teams do to rest their starters and attempt to prevent serious injuries prior to playoffs?

was thinking the same thing

Why dont you go look at the standing and then talk because its quite obvious that you havent
NHL last year Carolina 92 points out Nashville 91 points in
MLB this year Mets 89 wins out, Dodgers 84 wins in Minnesota , Yankees and Toronto also with less wins----out

Shall I go on?

You mean like Calgary did last night?
And Montreal today?

Nope...they threw the game

Man, your comedy routine is pretty awesome.

The playoffs are not the top 3 in the east and top 3 in the west, its the top 6 thanks to the crossover. Take a look at what the rules actually are, not what you want them to be in some delusional "Argos deserve to get in" fantasy land.

The crossover is keeping the playoffs at least remotely dignified. It'd be a joke if Toronto got in simply because they happen to be not quite as pathetic as Hamilton.

I know what the rules are....its still based on whining.

Play better in your division and make the playoffs there.

The CFL is still the only league to do it and its wrong

I agree with RO on this one. I hate the cross-over. One of the things that make the CFL great is the rivalry between east and west. Two western teams (or 2 eastern teams) in the final takes away that whole dynamic. I recall a few years back when TO almost made the cross-over into the west, and that same year Winnipeg was first in the east. So potentially Winnipeg could have represented the east and TO represented the west. Traditionally westerners cheer on the western team, but who would I cheer for in that senario? Only in Canada. :frowning:

I say the cup final should consist of the best team out of the west playing the best team out of the east.


there have been times when an NFL team have gone .500 and made the playoffs!

Are you saying the Eskimos threw the game to take the easy way to the Grey Cup. Western whinners mpdid get that kleenex out Ro seems to be in that mood. The cross over was because the west had 5 teams and the east had 4. Therefore it was always easy for teams in the east to make it to the playoffs well one of the two western teams with a better record would have to be moved out of a playoff position. Do not believe the result of western teams whining but a league that wanted to make sense of their playoffs.

I do not know I am warming up to an all Alberta Grey Cup. LOL

Actually the crossover was created to correct the inequality of have 5 teams in the West and 4 in the East but don't let the truth get in the way of a good rant.

It appears that the only whining in here is coming from RO.

Other leagues don't have a cross over because they don't need it. How often do you see a 4-13 team threaten to make the playoffs in the NFL?

You don't know that you are warming up to an all Alberta Grey Cup? Are you cognizant of anything that you are doing? Perhaps you can try using another period or a semi-colon or at least a comma. ("I don't know; I am warming up to ...") :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I know I'm warming up to an All Alberta Grey Cup!

Talk about not knowing who to cheer for!!!