Esks win cross-over convincingly.

You have to grasp at straws when the opportunity arises.


See you in Winnipeg :slight_smile:

Riders could (likely will) win 12 games and finish in third place. what's up with that?
time to get rid of the divisions, equal schedule, and top six teams get in, top two get a bye, next two get a home date
it's a crime either BC or Sask will open on the road, while the craptacular Bombers host a game. and now that the Riders are not headed to Wpg, there is zero chance Wpg will sell out their home playoff date. fair weather fans in the Peg who don't deserve a home playoff date
oh, btw, great game by the Rider D. Loved to see Stu get so many touches. Still iffy on the Rider Qbs

yea know Chewy..

sometimes it just goes this way!

there are seasons where the teams in the west are just really good! and 3 teams in the east aren't so good.

you have to remember that a number of seasons ago, the east actually had an overall better record than the West.

there have been situations where a couple teams in the west were terrible! even worse than what you see out east!

Toronto and Hamilton will recover, they will find their winning ways soon again!

it's all cycles..

Makes sense. Looks to me like we deserve to play in the Least.

Not in my books
Last place does not deserve to be in the playoffs

In my books, last place in one division with six more points than the second place team in another division DOES deserve to be in the playoffs.

Yes, the 4-13 Argos, who are currently riding an 8-game losing streaki, definitely deserve to be in the playoffs more than the 9-8 Eskimos. :expressionless:

I don't know how any can argue that toronto (with less than half the wins) deserves to be in the Play Offs. I don't even know how one can argue that WPG is in either, but we are.
You know what's funny though? After the first game (BC vs Ham) when Hamilton beat BC, I thought this was going to be the year the East was better! :oops:

It is sad that we can't fill our stadium for playoff games, but once you guys get televisions in your living rooms, many Rider fans will probably stay at home too :stuck_out_tongue:

Well said

classic humour. Doesn't negate my point at all. No way the Bombers deserve a home playoff game. And there's no way they will sell it out. They had a much better team last year and they didn't sell out. Terrible fans in Wpg. It's actually a terrible sports town.

Because it is the top 3 teams in the east and the top 3 teams in the west!
The fact that the Agros have only 4 wins is irrelevant!
Last place in the west is not one of the top 3 in the west.....They created the crossover because of western whining!

crossover is the best thing to happen to the CFL
can you imagine TO and Wpg in the playoffs, and Edmonton out?
what a joke
time to get rid of the divisions anyway. one division, top six get in.

The first round in the East would be the battle of who gives a crap, and the East Final would practically be another bye for Montreal.

And now the east final is the worts team in the west who whined their way into a playoff spot

No it is the best thing to happen to the whining west!

The fact that the east did not start to throw games like the west did when they were in danger of losing out to the crossover is the best thing to happen to the CFL.

It may be time to get rid of divisions but until they do, the crossover is nothing but bending to the whiners

hardly. it's about being fair. other leagues take the best teams. sometimes three teams in an NFL division get into the playoffs, and a second place team from another doesn't
i bet MTL wishes they could play either Wpg or TO in the East final. who wouldn't want a warm up game like that?
i remember a year ottawa got into the playoffs with three or four wins, and the Riders missed out with 8 or 9
that was in the 80s, and that's when the move was on to create the crossover