Esks want the CFL to allow wireless

Frankly I'm a little surprised this isn't done already. I'm also disappointed in myself for not knowing it's not already used.

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My feeling is that it's got to help play calling and help avoid signal stealing. How much it affects the product on the field is debatable though.

signal stealing is part of the game, it happens, it's no big deal. it just shows which team is smart enough to change their signals.

...going wireless is definately a better idea than the current hard connection CAT-5 line to the QBs helmet...

I thought they had a 2 tin cans attached to a string!

I agree with Ticats111 stealing signals is part of the game. If the opposition keeps stealing them, ya need better ones

I love this. Signal calling is part of the game, correct.

Football is as close to civilized that war could ever be.

anyway, I don't think headsets should be allowed at all. only signals, and runners (player rotation).

what's to stop a team from tellin a qb mid play there's a blind side blitz or open receiver?

I say leave it on the field.

Excellent point!

VERY excellent point!

actualy, how it works in the NFL is the line is cut once the play clock hits 15, so the coach can't talk to the QB during the play. I assume if the CFL had radios it would be 5seconds, you two can't be serious...think about the tiem the average play takes, and then overlay that witht eh time it wou;ld take for a coach on the sideline to see the play happening, formulate a warning, vocalize that warning, have the QB hear that warning over the play and then process the warning in time to react to's possible sure, but not terribly likely to affect the outcome...


Burris [not looking in Lewis's direction]: Huh? Where? [Burris looks around]
[O-line collapse, Burris sacked]


Burris: Wha?.....[Burris sacked]

...the timing is too short to be anything but an effective yelling tool...

I"m not an expert on radio signals, but couldn't they be tapped into?

I dont see why they could not be

...I suppose the radio squirt could be tapped, but the info sent in by the OC is in code according to the teams playbook...the code could be broken, but its no different than a sideline code being broken...

...if a team were caught tappinginto the radio signal I imagine the consequences would be extreme, hardly worth the benefit to capture a bit of info...

...what is more likely to occur is lip-reading, which happens in the NFL, and is the reason you see most coaches cover their mouth with their hand or playcard while calling in the play...