Esks vs Stamps

Did the Esks bring a lot of rookies to Calgary, or are there that many new faces in Eskie land?

We did make 30-some changes to the roster… :?

Let's hope for the sake of the Esks, and the CFL, that the Esks do not miss the playoffs 11 years in a row like the Riders did in the 70's-80's

...the esks sat a few top names to give some newcomers a chance to strut their stuff and Calgary did play their A team for pretty much two quarters...but that being said, those newcomers are players the mgmt believes can get you to the GC, so you gotta wonder...I'm sure edmonton will put their A team on the feild next week and against a decent rider team it will be a true show of how the off-season changes have helped or hurt the esks....

Well, it looks like A.J. Harris had a decent game. 27 receiving yards and a TD, and 39 rushing yards (7.8 average).

Other than that, I didn't see much... Onatolu and Landrom combined for 16 tackles and a sack... but considering we gave up 39 points, I'd say our defence didn't play that well.

I agree this is not the eskimos the riders will face for sure. But the thing a team looks for is a diamond in the rough and really there was not much of a haul in the outing. Good luck eskimos in your next game and hopefully things will work out.

I got my tickets so they'd better win. :stuck_out_tongue:

It'll be tough. Honestly, watching Hamilton tonight, it's clear beating them is no longer a guarantee. :lol:

What a great first half of football for the Eskimos. I am a little concerned about Younger, he got beat quite easily on a number of the deep balls from Calgary. Not sure why they went back to the same tired old set of offensive plays in the 2nd half. Hopefully, they will just keep improving from here. Great win Eskimos.