Esks vs. Stamps -- who will come to play tonight?

Oh I get it now, "take it to the bank", went over my head. I'm old and suffer from Craft Disease.

The vast majority of Calgary fans are classy, at least on the East side of McMahon. They even by the old phart a beer on occasion.

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...funny you should say that, I'm dressed like this right now is casual Friday at work after all....

Well, it's better than what you wore last Casual Friday...

...that was a little more red than I needed to see...

yup, he should have at least covered up that red S

I'd like to see Tate start a game, just for the heck of it, see what this kid has got for 60 minutes.

The Esks will play really good for the first series the fall flat on their face , in the Forth the O-line will be replaced with a group of 6th graders (since it's back to school night) they will hold the Stamps to 1 sack but final score
Stamps 165
Esks 3

I think the Esks will come out fired up and keep the game close until the kick-Off :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :cowboy:

hahahah, good one

The only way the stamps are going to lose tonight is if they stay home. They could sleepwalk and still beat an even fired up Eskimo team.


It's nice to see Edmonton's defenders not covering anyone, just running around aimlessly...

wow, what an awesome defense. Imagine holding calgary to only 3 points so far :rockin:

That was a catch, really? :lol:

Incomplete, nope not really hehe

I can't believe these refs called that a catch, damn they are right there to see it, everyone in the stadium knew it but them :thdn:

technically, no, but he did have firm control of the ball when he was hit. Rules is rules though

I'm thinking the refs just felt bad for Edmonton.

I can see them trying to honestly give edmonton the benifit of doubt on any play, and I wouldnt have a problem with it either.