Esks vs. Sask June 28th

Game On !!!! Season On!!!

Edm had a pretty nice first drive but what a blocking setup for Flick's TD!! Looking pretty good so far.

Incredible catch by Cates - even a real receiver would likely not have caught that. And then the TD catch by Bowman (and a very good throw by Crandall). Something to behold.

Don't get to excited the Esks are the last place team in the league. Wait until you have played a playoff team.

You're right about not extrapolating too much based on one game, but the esks showed some good things. I was worried a bit for three quarters.

Are you nuts? Sask sucked for three quarters and the Esks could not score. When Sask played well Esks folded like a cheap suit.

Sask looks like a good team but look at what they were playing against. The Esks look worse than they did last year. How can they get rid of so many players and replace them with ones that are worse.

Great coaching??

The Esks have a coaching staff?