Esks vs Riders on Saturday

Any thoughts?

Most Esks games this season the Esks have managed to stay in it for the most part until crumbling at the last second plus they were able to be pretty threatening against the Riders when we were at home. I'm pretty sure we can win this won (and will) but I'm glad that in the posted interviews (that I've seen) the Riders aren't looking at this game as a pushover. The more intensity we bring here the better!

I firmly believe that the Riders will not have too many problems with the 1-6 Eskimos.

clearly our passing game is too good for them and our defense has improved since our last meeting and we will handle them.

I think we can easily win this by 20 pts if we decide to come out and play a good solid game and we focus on what's at hand and do not take the Esks lightly.

The Esks have been known to bring their "A" game when they play us, so I'm hoping we can win. I'd be surprized if there is more than an 8 pt spread.

The outcome for any game is never a sure thing. Although I fully expect the 'Riders to spank the Eskimos nicely, I would not be surprised it they come out swinging.

Jobs are on the line up there and the Eskimo players know that unless things happen rapidly, changes will happen and they could be on the receiving end of some of those changes (i.e. getting cut). The choice between either playing football or delivering Fritos can be a huge motivator.

The real test will be how Richie Hall turns this around. He has been quite a disappointment as a head coach and he has not been able to get production from what on paper looked like a good Eskimo team. If the Eskimos continue to get blown out or self-destructing, he is finished as a head coach in the CFL.

Rickey Ray routinely completes about 80 % of his passes against the Riders., including 15 - 20 or something in a row in games each of the last 2 seasons. I expect Riders will need 35+ points to win this one. Not a good time to be playing the Esks IMO.


the Esks haven't impressed anyone at all and just cause they make 2 coaching changes means squat.

the Esks are trying hard to get all their emotion ready, but I see the Riders coming into town Friday at their best.


The Riders "should" have no trouble beating the Esks by a double digit margin but I think it will be closer with Sask winning by less than 10. If Fred Stamps was in the line up I would probably have called it a tie.

They should have beat us at home earlier in the season, it's not that unlikely to think that they could beat us in their barn. I still think the Riders will win going away but it's not impossible to think the Esks could make a game out of it or win.

ya but I look at it this way, we were good enough to make the comeback! we had the ability to play through it and get those points and win the game!

it was destined to be a Riders win.

You forgot the option

Riders crap the bed and don't show up! - Lose by a FG

DD looked "off" all night and most of his passes looked forced. Lots of dropped passes and messed up receiving patterns. Strong first period then .... nothing .... not even a field goal ..... wow :x

Seemed to ignore our main threats tonight, almost no passes to Fantuz, Dressler did have a few but the primary target was Prechae.

How would you like your crow prepared? Whoever led you to believe that this game was a cake walk took you to the cleaners. I hope you didn't bet the farm and the kids, otherwise they'd have a new daddy this morning.

This is the worst display I've seen since the Roy and Danny Circus were run out of town!! Utterly embarrassing. Daley or Dorsey has to be let go because our Special Teams are a joke!!

That's been happening the last two games. Miller said that they were going to start trying to get Prechae more active and almost every play that went to him looked like it was forced and always looked to him as the first read. Pechae still won't put in any effort into a throw unless it doesn't hit him on the numbers.

I agree about Prechae - he made one beautiful catch but then his lack lustre attempt at another resulted in an interception - which he should at least have knocked down. The Esks secondary and D in general played us extremely well. I think DD got thrown off his game somewhat by the 1st interception - we have to remember he is still relatively young in starting QB terms and has to learn from games like these. I don't know why our offense did not change up what we were attempting to do - I mean if the receivers aren't open - try the run game - the Esks were the worst team against the run in the CFL and we didn't even attempt to exploit that weakness. Personally I am glad we didn't end up winning that one because we sure didn't deserve it.

I'm fine with them getting the ball to Prechae, I'm just not sure those short out tosses where he has to make some guys miss in traffic are really his strength. Actually I have no idea what his strength is, but he didn't look comfortable with those.